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  • Two innovative solutions for the Healthcare sector

Two innovative solutions for the Healthcare sector

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The Healthcare industry has specific requirements when it comes to ship products, for example maintaining optimum temperature while in transit. To support the healthcare sector, FedEx Express has made available for the Middle East market two new healthcare solutions:

  • FedEx Cold Shipping Solutions includes cold shipping packaging for goods requiring a refrigerated environment and can maintain a temperature of 2-8° Celsius for up to 96 hours. This packaging is designed to be easy to use, reliable, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly for healthcare industry use.
  • FedEx Deep Frozen Shipping Solutions by use of liquid nitrogen dry vapor technology to maintain a temperature of below -150° Celsius for up to 10 days. These solutions remove the need for hazardous materials certification and eliminate dry ice packaging. FedEx Deep Frozen Shipping solutions also offer reduced environmental impact.

“The Middle East’s healthcare industry is growing in tandem with an expanding population” said David Ross, regional president FedEx Express Middle East, India Subcontinent and Africa. “Our customers from this industry need the reassurance that their sensitive shipments will be delivered reliably and safely. FedEx temperature controlled packaging uses cutting edge technologies to provide healthcare suppliers with cost - and environmentally- effective solutions for their life-saving products.”

With a longstanding experience in providing end-to-end solutions, FedEx offers unique solutions for unique needs in the Middle East.

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