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Here is a summary of much of the information that customers like you usually need. If you need further help, contact us and we will gladly take care of any doubts.

FAQs for New Customers

We are here to help you with your shipments and make sure they reach their destination. The more you know us, the more you will be able to take advantage of everything that is available. If you have any questions, please contact us; we have a solution within your reach.

How can I use fedex.com to send my shipments?

To begin shipping your products to any destination, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your fedex.com account
  2. Complete all required fields
  3. Print the airbill
  4. Prepare your shipment and, if you need FedEx packaging materials, contact us
  5. Schedule a pickup or find our nearest location to drop off your shipment

How can I calculate rates and transit times?

When you log in to fedex.com, you will be able to estimate your packages' shipping cost with applicable discounts and calculate transit times. You may also get a quick quote or a detailed quote by clicking here.

After getting your desired estimate, simply click on Ship, and your information will be added to the FedEx Ship Manager form. Using our services is that easy.

What is the cost of my shipment?

We know you are looking for the best cost-benefit ratio. That's why we offer you free online tools that allow you to estimate shipping costs, without problems or restrictions, to practically any destination. Click here to calculate your shipment cost.

How do I make my payments?

Use FedEx Billing Online to access all your invoices. Simply log in, click on “Manage My Account,” and then select the option “View and Pay Bills Online.” Payments can be made by check on all markets, and with credit card in Brazil and Mexico. See instructional video here.

How do dropoff and pickup work?

Log in to your fedex.com account to schedule your shipment's dropoff or generate a label. Similarly, you may schedule a pickup from your office or drop the package off at any FedEx location. Regardless of your choice, we are here to help you.

FAQs for Exporters

Our job at FedEx is to make you feel supported in making your business grow. And one of the best ways to do that is through our solutions for your export needs.

Can I estimate costs and taxes automatically?

Easily calculate duties and tax costs for international shipments before sending them with our calculator. Click here.

How can I take advantage of Global Trade Manager?

Global Trade Manager is a free online shipping assistant available to all FedEx customers. It helps you find and prepare the proper documents required for international shipping, calculate duties and taxes, and view advisories on export details. It also helps you find country profiles, and use product profiles to manage commodity information. It is the right tool to help you simplify the export process by lowering your costs and increasing efficiency.

What are Electronic Trade Documents (ETDs)?

Electronic Trade Documents are for any international shipments that do not correspond to documents or commodities, and that allow you to use the ETD functionality without the need to print and attach a label to the package; thus simplifying and automating the shipping process and document flow to save you time and bring you greater peace of mind.

How do I get greater control with IPAS?

FedEx Ship Manager (IPAS) offers visibility and efficiency by allowing customers to manage and monitor online any shipments made by multiple people within their company. For example, you will be able to manage access control to the Address Book, define user privileges for services and features, and generate administrative reports for the entire company.

What are the benefits of registering?

Registering with FedEx offers many advantages. Among other things, you will be able to track the history of all your shipments; create different profiles for frequent shipping addresses; access the Address Book with up to 2,500 names; review shipping times; estimate costs with discounted rates; complete up to 25 shipments at once with FedEx Ship Manager, and get harmonized identification codes for the type of commodity being shipped. All of this with just a click.

FAQs for Importers

We know what concerns you when it comes to importing and exporting: delivery times, rates, and customs processes. But at fedex.com, our purpose is to answer all your questions so that sending and receiving packages ends up being the easiest part of you day.

How do I use my fedex.com account to receive shipments?

To track and get all the information on the shipments you are expecting, simply follow these instructions:

  • When making a purchase, make sure the invoice is issued to the recipient of your shipment.
  • Make sure the sender includes your FedEx account number as recipient.
  • To estimate the cost or track a shipment, log in to your fedex.com account
  • Make sure you have all customs documentation, or if you need a customs broker or not.
  • If for any reason you are not able to receive the package at the scheduled time, you may request to have it held at a FedEx location.
  • Your billing history will be available on fedex.com whenever you need it.

How can I monitor shipments?

You can use one of the many tools that we offer to know exactly where your shipments are. For example, you can locate a specific package using the tracking number or the package information, or see all packages sent to your address thanks to FedEx Advanced Tracking, FedEx Desktop (for desktop computers), and FedEx Mobile.

How do I make payments?

When you ship with us, you will receive an invoice 30 days later. Use FedEx Billing Online to access all your invoices: simply log in, click on “Manage My Account,” and then select the option “View and Pay Bills Online.” Payments can be made by check on all markets, and with credit card in Brazil and Mexico. See instructional video here.

How do customs and customs brokers work?

Customs: You need to have proper information in order to know which documentation is required when shipping internationally. FedEx Global Trade Manager helps you find and prepare all necessary documentation, calculate duties before shipping, and estimate customs duties, in addition to making suggestions related to the shipment.

Customs Brokers: Our Customs Brokers are available for the following services: FedEx International Priority®, FedEx International Priority® Freight, and FedEx International Economy®. Brokers will make all calculations, prepare the documentation, and facilitate the entire customs process.

How do I figure out applicable international taxes and duties?

Click here to find all the documentation you need before shipping and estimate taxes, such as any duties that other countries may charge you.

FAQs for Additional Tools

If we are going to offer you solutions, we should make sure we cover all the details that will make managing your shipments easy, both when exporting and importing.

Can I store a package at a FedEx location?

If you know you will be unable to receive a package, you can call FedEx to store it for you at a location for up to 5 days, or request that it be held for a longer period. This service is not available online. Contact one of our Customer Service representatives.

Can I count on having a FedEx international Customs Broker?

With FedEx International Priority®, FedEx International Priority® Freight, and FedEx International Economy®, you have a Customs Broker available to make estimates, prepare documents, and facilitate the customs process for you.

How does FedEx Mobile help me monitor my shipments with greater freedom?

The FedEx Mobile app allows you to access FedEx services and key information for your exports, wherever you are. Manage, estimate costs, schedule pickups, or find FedEx locations from your cell phone.