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Shipping solutions that keep the world of fashion and luxury on time

In the world of fashion, interiors and luxury goods, flexibility and timing are everything. Stay current with shipping solutions designed to move at the speed of the latest trend or hottest must-have. Meet the demands of this unique market with tools that are proven to succeed.

Trust reliable shipments — every time

The high-pressure, high-stakes business of fashion and luxury goods requires a shipping network with the expertise to handle your often fragile — but always valuable — shipments. Rely on FedEx for:

  • A global air and ground network dedicated to time-critical delivery by one of the world’s largest air cargo fleets
  • The highest levels of service to ensure we act as a genuine extension of your brand with reports available on request
  • Specialized services with advice on packaging plus guidance on customs and legal regulations
  • Comprehensive shipping solutions for import or export, heavy or lightweight, urgent or less time-sensitive consignments
  • Dedicated support 24/7 from a global team of specially-trained customer service operators 365 days of the year

Stay in the know, no matter where you are

Simply tracking a shipment is table stakes. It’s how you can leverage the transit information that truly matters. As a FedEx shipper and account holder, you get access to high-security control and monitoring measures. You’ll get notification alerts for quick operational recovery, as well as dedicated specialist monitoring, advanced web-based tracking and more.

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Ship at the speed of business

The world of fashion and luxury moves quickly — new styles, new product launches, new seasons — it all adds up to a dynamic business landscape. And it’s why our services offer:

  • Fast transit times with guaranteed door-to-door delivery within Italy, Europe or worldwide
  • Minimum transit times with efficient and secure package handling plus tracking visibility from start to finish
  • Late collections & early next-morning deliveries within Europe and to the USA

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Drive distribution channel efficiency

Rather than operating a local warehouse in a target country, FedEx® International Priority DirectDistribution (IPD) lets you manage your parts as and when needed, saving money and shortening your order cycle.

Discover the advantages of IPD

These tools make shipping easy

Whether you need to ship immediately, or you’re a frequent shipper with complex needs — it’s all available. Free, user-friendly online shipping tools are at your disposal. As are a range of integrated offline software tools, contact us for more information.

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Manage returns with ease

Give your customers more flexibility and insight, choose FedEx® Global Returns and get the vital document assistance and visibility you need to successfully navigate returns.

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Streamline customs issues quickly and easily

You don’t have to be an expert in customs regulations to start shipping worldwide. Get the professional advice and free online tools to help avoid delays and make sure your products arrive on time. From advice on duties and taxes to additional processing assistance, FedEx Global Trade Manager can help you every step of the way.

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Contact us for a personalized offer

Get exclusive shipping rates based on your company’s unique shipping needs. Give us a call or send us an email for more information.

Grow your business with FedEx. Learn more with shipping stories, tips and tools.

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  • Grow your business with FedEx. Learn more with shipping stories, tips and tools.