Emergency shipments and visibility

Emergency shipments and visibility

To keep a constant eye on your supply chain 24/7 you need the end-to-end visibility that FedEx can ensure, ranging from proof of delivery to proactive alerts and other specialised services to report, recover and resolve any service issues:

Advanced web-based tracking: All the information you need during transportation is always at your fingertips, thanks to FedEx Advanced Tracking. Through web-based access, you benefit from end-to-end visibility with accurate information of shipment status throughout the transportation process

Dedicated FedEx tracking: So you don’t have to monitor every delivery chain, we‘ll do it for you with FedEx Priority AlertTM. An assigned and dedicated specialist (1) will provide advanced shipment monitoring, pro-active notification and recovery actions (if required), ensuring you have even greater visibility and control from start to finish.

GPS sensor tracking: SenseAwareSM will continually provide data and enable alerts allowing for immediate intervention, allowing you to monitor in-transit conditions in near real-time by combining a GPS sensor with a web-based platform.

(1) A per-shipment fee applies for this service. Additional terms and conditions governing the use of FedEx Priority Alert apply and can be found in the contract. Contact your FedEx Account Executive for more information.

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