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Discover Germany's domestic shipping service and give your business an efficient, established and trusted partner for all your shipping needs.

One provider for all your domestic shipments.

Use FedEx Priority Overnight® and get your shipment delivered the next day by noon or end of the business day*.

*Service options and delivery commitment may vary from shipping origin and final destinations. Please check service availability before shipping.

It’s on time or your money back

All FedEx Priority Overnight shipments are backed by the FedEx money-back guarantee* — if it’s not there on time, you don’t pay for shipping.

Track your package from door to door

Get unparalleled insight and control with FedEx® Tracking and options like proof of delivery.

You should never have to pay for packaging

Get a diverse range of high-quality packaging for free to use for your FedEx Priority Overnight shipments.

*Money-back guarantee policy will only apply once a delivery commitment has been accepted by FedEx after pick up of the shipment. Please check FedEx terms and conditions section 17 for detailed conditions, limitations and information on services.


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