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Shipping solutions and returns

We have a wide range of domestic and international services in order for you to reach global markets and provide an efficient return service to your customers.

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  • Customs and regulatory solutions

Customs and regulatory solutions

Shipping with FedEx ensures you don’t have to be an expert in customs regulations to start shipping worldwide. We can give you advice and free online tools to help avoid delays.

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  • Shipping Solutions and Returns

Tracking and monitoring solutions

No matter what you’re shipping or where you’re shipping it, the FedEx Tracking tool on can provide the info you need — along with the level of convenience or detail you want. Get basic package-status info without even logging in, or use your FedEx account to access advanced features tailored to your needs

  • Tracking and monitoring solutions

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Regulations and Customs

FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents
FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents is an international(1) shipping solution that allows you to submit your customs documentation electronically so you no longer need to print multiple copies –it’s all automated.(2)
(1) Due to customs restrictions Electronic Trade Documents is not available in all locations. Visit for full country availability.
(2) A completed hard copy Air Waybill is required with all shipments.

Harmonized Code
To identify the regulatory requirements for exporting or importing products to/from the destination/origin market, you’ll have to know the Harmonized Code for each commodity included in your shipment. The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System is an international standardized system developed and maintained by the World Customs Organization (WCO) to uniformly classify traded products for tariff and regulatory purposes. Using the Harmonized Code, you will be able to define the necessary customs documentation as well as duties & taxes. If you do not know the Harmonized Code for the commodities you are shipping, please click here.

Get information on customs procedures, formalities and requirements
Have a look at the Market Access Database (MADB) which is an interactive, free online service where EU companies can find information on import conditions for more than 100 third countries, such as customs and import procedures, formalities and requirements, import tariffs and internal taxes to be paid per product and per country or the main trade barriers faced by EU exporters abroad.

See what documentation is required
To find out what documentation such as the commercial invoice or other customs clearance forms you need to ship between countries, visit FedEx Global Trade Manager


Your Key Shipping Services

FedEx International Priority®
For faster, safer, more reliable export and import express shipments, use FedEx International Priority, our most popular international service for your urgent shipments. Whether exporting or importing, our constantly improving service makes life easier with early delivery and late pickup times. With FedEx International Priority you can ship dangerous goods worldwide*.

FedEx International Priority Freight®
FedEx International Priority Freight is a dedicated, specialised service designed for all your express heavyweight or bulky international consignments weighing between 68kg and 1,000kg per item. We cover more countries than ever – exporting to over 130 countries and importing from more than 110 countries – while delivering even earlier to US destinations**.

FedEx Optimum
For your domestic shipments, up to 800kg, choose FedEx Optimum™ for next day delivery from Monday to Saturday to your recipients before 1 pm throughout mainland France***.

FedEx Service Guide
Use our FedEx Service Guide for an overview of our shipping services and useful information to prepare your shipment, such as how to complete your shipping documents, or what are our free packaging available.

* Transit times may vary according to place of collection and destination. Please contact Customer Service on 0820 123 800 for more details.
** Please check FedEx Conditions of Carriage for details or restrictions.
***For Corsica, expect 2 days.


Your Key Shipping Services

FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution®
There’s no need for middlemen. Ship factory direct and get your goods where they need to go quickly, easily and affordably. FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution® can help you save on duties and taxes, ensure full visibility of your shipments, reduce warehouse costs, increase your speed to market — and more.

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FedEx Third Party Consignee
Forget additional handling and warehouse costs, with FedEx Third Party Consignee, you ship directly to your buyers without revealing the actual commercial value of your shipment. TPC provides you Significant Cost Reductions, Improvement in Your Business Cycle, Boost in Efficiency. TPC is a contractual ,for FedEx account holders only.

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