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  • Enhanced shipping services with FedEx Billing Online

Real time accounts information with FedEx Billing Online

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When you take advantage of our FedEx Billing Online (FBO) system you can always see exactly what you’ve spent on FedEx shipping services.

That means you don’t have to wait for hard copy invoices to be delivered to you by post before you can monitor your billing. You also gain significantly enhanced control over your finances and cash flow. FedEx Billing Online uses the highest level of digital signature that is compliant with the EU VAT Directive and helps you reduce your paper footprint.

With FBO e-invoicing you can:

  • sort and easily check invoices and credit notes by number, type, activity, age, due date, currency, amount due and shipment details;
  • download and save e-invoices and credit notes;
  • print e-invoices and credit notes in PDF, XML, XLS or CSV formats;
  • access all your transaction details for up to 180 days after you make payment;
  • view multiple billing accounts via a single login when you choose to consolidate them under a single user ID;
  • allow multiple users to view and act on your accounts;
  • quickly and easily query shipping charges.

What’s more, a valuable additional feature of FBO allows you to settle your invoices by credit or debit card if you haven’t already set up FBO AutoPay on your account.

Managing FedEx accounts, shipments, and invoices has never been easier! So if you’re not already using FBO, find out more here.

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