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  • Non-document shipments to India need special clearing

Non-document shipments to India need special clearing

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The Indian Customs authorities continue to be vigilant in the implementation of their Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. These require all consignees/importers based in India to provide KYC documents for the clearance of all non-document imports, regardless of the value of such consignments.

In consequence, FedEx can only clear such imports through customs so long as the consignee has provided the mandatory documents required to establish his/her identity and address. It is therefore very important that we are provided with all the required KYC documents without delay once a shipment arrives in India, and preferably well before then.

Key aspects of the KYC regulations for shippers to India are as follows:

  1. It is essential to ensure that the consignee’s name and address on the Air Waybill and invoice are completely accurate.
  2. It is similarly crucial that the consignee’s telephone number and email address as shown on the Air Waybill is completely correct: this enables FedEx to make speedy contact with him/her following the arrival of the shipment.
  3. Once the shipment has been booked the shipper should immediately advise his/her consignee to send the KYC documents to kycdocs@fedex.com to avoid possible delays in import clearance.
  4. The shipper should also remind his/her consignee to make sure that the name and address entered onto the KYC documents exactly matches those shown on the Air Waybill and invoice.

For further information, please contact Customer Service.

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