30th Anniversary

FedEx at 30. What do thirty years add up to? Lots of experience, lots of innovation, lots of ambition, lots of commitment, lots of enthusiasm and — lots of growth.

Our 30th anniversary in Italy

By the side of Italian companies for the past 30 years delivering a better future

2016 marks 30th anniversary of FedEx Operations in Italy. We have come a long way in 30 years, connecting business of all sizes to 99% of global GDP in less than 3 business days; we have opened 35 FedEx stations country wide; we have created jobs for around 1,300 people.

To celebrate this 30th anniversary, we have felt especially close to the younger members of society thanks to initiatives aimed at alleviating the difficulties children and young people face, offering them the chance to lead fuller and happier lives.

We are dedicating our first 30 years in Italy to the younger generation by participating in 30 ‘good causes’ in support of the Frequenza 200 scheme. This is a scheme promoted by the NGO WeWorld to fight school drop out, a serious but little-known phenomenon affecting 600,000 students each year in Italy alone.

This is our concept of school: as a place of excellence, creating the world of the next generation.

30 facts about our awesome Italian journey

In november we celebrate 30 years of activity in Italy, a strategic country for FedEx, thanks to its strong export flows and tight connections to the European and global economy.

To celebrate this exciting anniversary, we are pleased to share 30 facts about our thrilling Italian adventure. Once upon a time…

  1. We begin operating in Italy in 1986. In the same year, the first Internet connection is set up in Italy and Lady Gaga was born.
  2. In 1991, FedEx next-day service for US destinations arrives in Italy.
  3. In 2001, for the very first time, FedEx Italy was included at the top of Best Place to Work© ranking. We will be honoured with this recognition for 12 consecutive editions.
  4. Between 2011 and 2014, we opened 24 new stations, thus creating 300 new jobs.
  5. In 2013 a brand new electric van fleet is introduced: we always do our best to take care of the planet.
  6. 2016 marks the beginning of a new historical era, with the coming together of FedEx and TNT. It means new opportunities and broader horizons for team members in a much bigger company with a larger global network.

    We bring “Made in Italy excellence” into the world

  7. Our everyday commitment is to ensure that Italian companies continue to thrive, improving their supply chain and identifying new opportunities for growth and profitability.
  8. Since 1986, we have been connecting all sizes of business to 99% of global GDP in less than 3 business days.
  9. As part of European plan, we are investing to address the growing demand we are facing: in Italy alone, the number of people making on-line purchases has doubled over the last 5 years.
  10. In Italy, there are 35 FedEx stations country wide.
  11. Our fleet is composed of 405 vehicles.
  12. Italian staff members are more than 1.300.
  13. Everyday we travel 27.000 kilometers (27 times Bolzano – Bari distance).
  14. We make 480 ground connections everyday.

    Malpensa: history and future of the FedEx Italian Gateway

  15. We are the first express transportation company to take office in Malpensa Airport. It’s 1992: the Silence of the Lambs wins 5 Academy Awards and Bill Clinton is elected President of the United States.
  16. In 2008, we open a new 11.000 square meters Gateway in Malpensa.
  17. In 2012 we introduce the first direct cargo flight from Italy to US, that connects Milano Malpensa to FedEx Global Hub in Memphis.
  18. In 2016 we inaugurate the New Malpensa Gateway, three times bigger than before.
  19. Malpensa has become the main FedEx Gateway of Southern Europe.
  20. New Malpensa Gateway is 35.000 square meters: almost 3 times the surface of Milan Duomo.
  21. 200 team members work at the new Malpensa Gateway.
  22. It handles up to 20.000 shipments daily.
  23. The new Gateway can handle 3.000 shipments per hour.

    FedEx Cares in Italy too!

  24. In these 30 years, several times we have given our contribution to a good cause, through FedEx Cares program or in partnership with local organizations: giving back to the communities in which we operate, is a valued priority for us.
  25. During our last italian FedEx Cares initiative dedicated to the victims of the earthquake in the center of Italy, we picked up materials for 2.400 kg and we made available 5 vans to Protezione Civile.
  26. L’albero della Vita Foundation, Junior Achievment, Dottor Sorriso, Legambiente, Italian Red Cross, Protezione Civile, WeWorld, Progetto Arca Foundations: there are many partners we decided to share our charity path with.
  27. To celebrate this 30th anniversary, we have chosen to think about new generations: the future of our country. We are therefore supporting WeWorld Frequenza 200 initiative, aimed at fighting school abandonment.
  28. School abandonment is a relatively invisible phenomenon which affects 700.000 schoolchildren every year in Italy alone.
  29. With WeWorld, we drafted a program consisting in 30 good actions, each for every year of presence in Italy. The activities consist of theatre, painting, music and sculpture workshop, after school activities and foreign language classes.

  30. Last but not least, the main fact is that, for 30 years, Italian companies have been going global with FedEx. We’ve been lucky to meet so many passionate entrepreneurs and artisans that have helped us build our success in the country by entrusting us their goods, the precious output of their hard work.


Happy Birthday, FedEx! Thank You Italy!