• How to send a shipment

Why shipping is simple with FedEx Ship Manager

Prepare up to 25 packages for shipping quickly, accurately, and online – 24/7. Save time and reduce risk of error using saved data and autofill. Send shipment status emails, track your shipment, request pick-ups, rate quotes and more.

Start using FedEx Ship Manager in four easy steps

  1. Access FedEx Ship Manager by clicking here.
  2. Login to your account with the User ID and password provided in the email we sent you.
  3. Change your secure login and supply your email. Here's how ►
  4. Check and correct your recipients' addresses. Here's how ►

Guides for using FedEx Ship Manager at fedex.com


One page guide

Learn how to create shipments with FedEx Ship Manager in just a few minutes.


Full version guide

Discover the full potential of FedEx Ship Manager and explore all its options.