How to Create a Label

Creating a label is simple and efficient. Choose the option below that applies to you for detailed information on return labels.

  • How to Create a Return Shipping Label

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How to Create a Label

The process of creating a label depends on which FedEx® electronic shipping solution you’re using. Download the User Guide to find specific instructions for your service.

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  • How to Create a FedEx Return Label Video

Return Shippers — How to Edit an Online Return Label

If the original shipper provided an online return label and customs documents, making changes is simple:

  • First, click the link to the online return label and customs documents in the email you received from FedEx. At the link, you’ll be able to view shipment information and access fields such as ship date, weight, and quantity.
  • Update the necessary information in the corresponding fields.
  • View, save, or print the updated documents. If you need to reprint your completed label and customs documents, they are reprintable up to five days after the original print date.

  • How to Edit an Online Return Label Video

Commercial Invoice information

Review information and provide any required input within the View/Edit Shipment Details section, including:

  • Any shipping information, such as package details, commodity information, or return information
  • Label information
  • Shipping documents
  • Export or customs information