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Step-by-Step Guide

Ship From / To

  1. Enter the shipper’s postal code.
  2. Choose the country/territory you are shipping to.
  3. Enter the recipient’s postal code.

Enter Japan or the shipper’s postal code


Ship From / To - Additional Information

  1. Enter the number of packages.
  2. If you are shipping more than one package, please indicate if they are of the same size.
  3. Enter the total weight of the shipment.
  4. Indicate if you plan to schedule an online pickup or drop off the packages.
  5. Verify the ship date.
  6. Click the ‘Get detailed quote’ button.

Enter the no. of packages.


Package and Shipment Details

  1. Indicate the package contents.
  2. Enter the customs value.
  3. Choose the package type.

Indicate the package contents.

Special Services Options

  1. View the special services provided.
  2. Click the ‘Continue’ button.

View the special services.

Package and Shipment Details - Product / Commodity Description

  1. Please indicate the description of your production/commodity for the shipment.
  2. Click the ‘Continue’ button.

If shipping a product or document, perform a search on the type you are shipping.

Get Rates & Transit Times

View your estimated rate and transit time.

Get Shipping Rates and Transit Times