FedEx® Tracking

There's a lot to love about FedEx Tracking — and as many ways to customize it as there are businesses who use it. See what it can do for you.

  • FedEx Japan Package & Shipment Tracking

Automatic Shipment Uploading

  • FedEx Tracking provides you with visibility for shipments under different FedEx services.

  • Shipments shipped via FedEx Ship Manager® or that are manually tracked will also be available within FedEx Tracking for up to 60 days.

  • Automatic Shipment Uploading

List View

  • The shipment view layout is customizable by selecting your desired column header.

  • You can also enjoy the new dynamic sorting function to view data more easily.

  • List View

Calendar View

  • The Calendar View allows you to see your shipments by days and months.

  • With this user-friendly layout, managing your shipments has never been easier.

  • Calendar View

Filtering Options

  • Taking advantage of filtering options, you can retrieve shipment information with ease by clicking on predefined filters to narrow down the search.

  • With Advanced filters function, you can customize filters based on shipment status or package, shipper or recipient information.

  • Simply click on the ‘Show filters’ link to view options and use the Filters drop down menu to see the full list of customizable filters.

  • Filtering Options

Add/Remove Column

  • Select or deselect columns to display in the table.

  • Your selections will be remembered the next time you use FedEx Tracking.

  • You can also save the current view with a unique name, and load any saved column set you want at any time.

  • Add/Remove Column

Export Data

  • This option will allow you to export your shipment data in Spreadsheet or XML format as well as the ability to choose other filter criteria.

  • Export Data