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  • Box It Right and Seal It Tight

Box It Right and Seal It Tight

Everyone knows a label goes on the outside of a package. But did you know that a copy of the label inside the package can also help FedEx make a delivery if the outer label goes missing?

You can also include the address and phone number of both the shipper and recipient on a piece of paper, letterhead or business card. And if you’re shipping using a box, just write the pertinent information on the inside flap.

Ensure that the outer label stays attached
Pay special attention to how and where you apply the outer label. One of the primary causes of delivery failure is a missing label. So whether your label is applied by hand or by an automated device, follow these tips to help ensure that your package gets where it’s going:

  • once you’ve applied the label, run your hand over it to make sure it’s secure;
  • when using a pouch, make sure you remove the peel-off strip and seal the flap firmly;
  • avoid wrapping the label around the corner or directly over the edge or seam of the package;
  • place the shipping label on the package's largest surface;
  • use tie-on tags on transit cases (including trade show display cases), golf bags, skis and luggage

For more information and additional guidelines, go to the packaging tips page on or call Customer Service on 1802233

Other tips for success
Box it right

Don't settle for just any old box. Pack it right by following these tips:

  • match your box to the size and weight of your item(s). Use double-wall boxes for heavier items;
  • remove all old address labels from reused boxes before shipping, and make sure there are no holes, tears or corner dents in the outer box;
  • use plenty of shock-absorbing packing materials to keep items from shifting and to cushion them during transit;
  • place small packages inside a larger outer box. For express shipments smaller than 18 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm, use a FedEx Express packaging option;
  • for odd or irregularly-shaped items, wrap and tape all sharp edges or protrusions before packing them;
  • bundle printed materials together to prevent shifting.
Don't forget to contact us to find out details of all our standard FedEx box sizes and to obtain supplies of our specially designed packaging.

Seal it tight

Tape ensures the integrity of your entire package. Be sure to apply tape evenly across its flaps and seams on both the top and the bottom. And choose your tape wisely. Acceptable options include:

  • pressure-sensitive plastic tape;
  • water-activated paper tape (minimum 27 kg grade);
  • water-activated reinforced tape (minimum width 5 cm).

We've packed our packaging site full of information:
Download our How to Pack brochures, and check out all our packaging options at FedEx Packaging and Pack like a Pro.

The gift shipping season is just around the corner. Check out our 2014 Holiday page to find all the details of our year-end schedules, last days to ship, money-back guarantee, FAQs and more - at

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