FedEx Always Gives You Advance Notice Of Fuel Surcharge Changes

FedEx Always Gives You Advance Notice Of Fuel Surcharge Changes

Like many other companies, FedEx has to update fuel surcharges as the global supply and demand fluctuates.

The fuel surcharge percentage for FedEx services is subject to a monthly adjustment based on a rounded average of the U.S. Gulf Coast (USGC) spot price for a gallon of kerosene-type jet fuel:

  • these spot prices are defined and published by the U.S. Department of Energy - FedEx is not responsible for the information provided.
  • There is a two-month lag between the publication of the fuel price index and the application of any consequent fuel surcharge. For example, the fuel surcharge for January 2014 is based on the November 2013 average spot price

We apply price changes for the EMEA region on the first Monday of each month. However, to budget for such variations you can always find on detailed information approximately two weeks before variations are applied.

Details of the spot price per gallon of kerosene-type jet fuel are published at USGC index. Information on how we apply our surcharges is always available on at

NB details of the fuel surcharge for FedEx International Express Freight® (IXF) and FedEx International Airport-to-Airport® (ATA) services (where available) can be found in the FedEx Express IXF & ATA Fuel Surcharge Table

Further details of our EMEA fuel surcharge policy are available in Section 22 of the Conditions of Carriage.