Argentina: New Regulations For All Non-Document Imports

Argentina: New Regulations For All Non-Document Imports

Regulation No. 3579 recently published by the Argentine Customs Authority (AFIP) requires importers of all non-document shipments into Argentina to abide by the following requirements with immediate effect:

  • The tax identification number (CUIT/CUIL) of the consignee must appear on both the FedEx Air Waybill and the Commercial Invoice (CI) for the shipment. In the event that the consignee lacks a valid tax identification number then the number of his/her passport should be entered on both documents.

    Note: missing or invalid tax ID numbers will result in clearance delays.
  • All shipments containing items purchased abroad must be accompanied by Form 4550/T Compras a Proveedores del Exterior (Purchases from Overseas Suppliers) which must be presented by the consignee to Argentine customs prior to clearance of the goods.
  • Consignees must obtain from AFIP an appropriate Service Level Access (Nivel de Seguridad de la Clave Fiscal) prior to the commencement of customs procedures for imports. Proof of access can be obtained via the AFIP website at

    Note: consignees holding a CUIL tax ID number require an access level of 2 or above in order to make an importation.

These provisions relate to all non-document imports (including personal effects, gifts and items purchased through the internet) regardless of their weight or value.
Failure to provide all relevant details and documentation will lead to delays, potential additional charges and the possibility of goods being refused entry.
We therefore strongly advise you to ensure that your consignees in Argentina are fully aware of all the above requirements and that they therefore:

  • obtain the relevant service level access from AFIP required for the clearance of their imports; duly complete Form 4550/T;
  • inform you of their tax ID number (or passport number) to enable you to enter them on the FedEx Air Waybill and the CI prior to shipment.