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  • FedEx Breaks Ground For New Nordic Gateway

FedEx Breaks Ground For New Nordic Gateway

To streamline intra-Nordic trade as well as to aid business growth with the Nordic region we have just started work on a new FedEx gateway at Copenhagen Airport. The new facility will allow earlier deliveries plus later pick-ups in Denmark and Sweden, as well as significant efficiency gains for operations in all four countries. By combining Nordic ground and air sort procedures as well as courier operations for the Greater Copenhagen region, we can choose the optimal transportation mode for our customers for each destination.

The more than 8 000 sqm, state-of-the-art logistics facility near the Øresund Strait will open for business towards the end of 2015. At its opening it will handle 18 FedEx flights and 170 truck movements a week and sort 11,500 packages a day. About 120 FedEx team members and a fleet of 36 pickup and delivery vehicles will be based on site.

The building is another milestone for FedEx Express growth in the Nordic region, which has seen the opening of eight new stations since 2011. This is the continuation of the expansion of our international shipping service network in Europe, with more than 100 new stations opened over the last three years.

In line with our global strategy of social and environmental responsibility, we have designed the facility with the highest levels of efficiency. For example, we have optimised the window surface area to allow for the maximum use of natural daylight while minimising heating costs in winter.

Whether you're already doing business in and with the Nordic region, or you're just starting to look at the foreign trade growth opportunities between the Nordic countries and the rest of the world, count on FedEx to provide you with the best possible global logistics solutions.

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