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  • Female Pilots Love Their Jobs At FedEx

Female Pilots Love Their Jobs At FedEx

Worldwide it’s estimated that no more than 6% of pilots are female, but FedEx is helping to change that for the better, and the women pilots who fly with us love the business they’re in.

Only seven years after the Wright Brothers first flew, Raymonde de Laroche in France became the first woman in the world to earn a pilot’s license, and just twenty years later Amelia Earhart earned worldwide fame when completing the first solo flight by a woman across the Atlantic. She and so many others remain inspirations for women who fly or dream of it.

Susanne Brun, FedEx pilot in the Cologne hub, comes from a family of aviators: her father was a former private pilot and her sister now flies planes for Delta Airlines. Mother to an eight-year old boy, Captain Brun believes there are ways for parents, and especially mothers, to fly and still be around to have quality time with their children. In fact, she thinks her job gives her an advantage over other professions because she can spend quality time with her son when she is off duty, rather than a few hours here and then. “Sure, I can’t be at home every night, but I give other stability because when I’m home, I’m home for 24 hours. I’m always here when I’m home.”

Molly Boss, a FedEx pilot based in the Hong Kong hub, believes it’s a positive thing that women have started to make their mark on this profession – this is because they often have different skillsets which are complementary to those of their male counterparts in the cockpit. She and every other FedEx pilot say the same when it comes to women and flying a plane – the sky should never be the limit when it comes to playing a key role in the international express freight business.

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