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Lithium batteries are commonly used in devices like mobile phones, laptops, PDAs, watches, cameras, and even children’s toys. Lithium battery shipments or shipments with items that contain charged batteries may overheat and ignite in certain conditions and, once ignited, may be difficult to extinguish. The two main types of lithium batteries are lithium ion (rechargeable) and lithium metal (primary non-rechargeable).

UN Numbers and Proper Shipping Names for Lithium Batteries

  • UN 3480, Lithium ion batteries
  • UN 3481, Lithium ion batteries packed with equipment
  • UN 3481, Lithium ion batteries contained in equipment
  • UN 3090, Lithium metal batteries
  • UN 3091, Lithium metal batteries packed with equipment
  • UN 3091, Lithium metal batteries contained in equipment

FedEx takes the transport of your shipment containing lithium batteries very seriously and complies with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations for shipping such items. We want to ensure that you are aware of all the requirements for shipping these products and help you overcome any challenges or obstacles you may face. We designed the FedEx Lithium Battery Information Hub so that you have the resources to ensure that you ship your lithium battery shipments safely and in compliance with current regulations.

How to use the FedEx Lithium Battery Information Hub:

On the left panel, you can access information on:

  • Packing Instruction Types: Using the battery/ cell type, the configuration, the power rating and the quantity to be shipped, identify which Packing Instruction Type number is required for your lithium battery shipment. This is the first and most important detail that you must determine.
  • Origins/ Destinations: Confirm that the origin and destination locations for your lithium battery shipment are accepted by FedEx. If you cannot find your locations on our location tables, please contact our Customer Service Hotline for further assistance.
  • Packing and Documentation Required: Based on your Packing Instruction Type number, find packing guidelines and required documentation here.
  • Surcharge: Check to see if any surcharge applies to your shipment.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Find answers to your questions or contact our Customer Service Hotline.


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