Clinical Trial Solutions

Each Clinical Trial item – be it a kit, an Investigational Medical Product (IMP), or a clinical specimen – requires special care. FedEx Healthcare Priority offers a range of solutions tailored to your needs.

Why FedEx

Your business requires a highly efficient path between hospitals and labs involved along the clinical trial journey. FedEx Healthcare Priority provides the connectivity, security, visibility and onsite support for your clinical research.

  • Overnight Delivery Service
    We understand that a specimen has a stability period of up to 48 hours. FedEx overnight service offers an up to 24-hour transit time from most Asia gateways to Singapore and major cities in China.

  • Temperature Integrity and Packaging
    The right packaging solution maintains the integrity of temperature sensitive clinical samples. FedEx Healthcare Priority provides IATA-compliant packaging across study sites in Asia Pacific. Regardless of temperature range, FedEx will help ensure that your samples are delivered in perfect condition.

  • Dedicated Customer Support Team
    The FedEx Healthcare Priority Team is trained for contingency management and proactively monitors your clinical shipments to guarantee on time delivery. This dedicated team serves as a single point of contact with local, country-specific telephone numbers.

  • Full Visibility
    FedEx Healthcare Priority shares your shipment’s inside story all along the supply chain using monitoring tools such as SenseAware℠ powered by FedEx.

  • Easy and Manageable Billing
    The FedEx Healthcare Priority all-in pricing, flat rate per shipment makes budget planning easy, and referenced invoicing allows for straight-forward reconciliation of costs.