• Automated shipping and notification tools

Book, track and send notifications at every step

Book a shipment and keep you and your customers informed about its progress in a variety of ways - including a direct phone call from a FedEx courier no later than two hours before delivery. Accelerate your processes with our automated shipping tools, which give you greater control and security, and get back-end software system integration to simplify your shipping even further.

Book packages quickly and simply

For small enterprises

FedEx Express Domestic Shipping

Generate waybills, place orders and review your shipping history with our FedEx Domestic Shipping Applications


User Manual

Order a pick up by a FedEx courier at a time that suits you using our app, which is available on fedex.com/pl.

Generate reports, store personal data in an address book and view your shipping history.

For larger enterprises

FDS Web Service

Get near real-time data, integrate with your current system and enjoy greater security.

Integrate your software directly with the FedEx database.

Get near real-time data exchange to send and track shipments from start to finish.

Build solutions tailored to the needs of your business while keeping your applications and data secure.

FDS Plus

Streamline your shipping process, work offline and use your own data storage systems.

FDS Plus allows offline integration with the FedEx database, with an option to incorporate our shipping processes into your own operating system. You don’t need to rely on an internet connection and you can maintain your working pace.

Operating system tools

Optimise sales, get access to our database at all times, and use alongside programs such as WF Mag, Sello and Magento / FedEx Plugins User Manual

Our tools allow employees to work both online and offline. They are easy to install, simple to use and require no modification to your existing IT system.

To gain the access key contact our Customer Service on 801 002 800* or 22 211 80 00** for mobile phones.

* Costs based on local operator rates
** Costs based on operator rates

To find out more about automated shipping, click here.

Track the progress of your shipments

Great greater visibility and control of your domestic shipments when you ship using FDS or by using our online tracking tools, giving you peace of mind that your packages are making fast progress in safe hands.

Track your shipment

Notify your customers

Provide your customers with timely information about where their delivery is and when it will be delivered giving them peace of mind and visibility of the progress of their package. Just enter the recipient’s email address when booking the shipment. SMS and call services are available at an additional cost, providing a more definitive date and time of delivery.



We'll send a tracking email to the addressee and/or sender



We can send a text message confirming the estimated date
of delivery

Courier call

The courier will call no later than 2 hours before delivery to give an estimated delivery time

The notifications they will receive

If you enter your customer’s email, they will receive four main notifications along the delivery journey.


Shipment picked up from the sender by a FedEx courier


Shipment on its way, including information about the planned delivery time


Our courier will deliver the shipment today


Shipment is being delivered

They will also receive additional notifications if it is not possible to deliver the shipment as planned. These ensure we keep your customer up-to-date as to the status of their delivery, in every event.

1. Shipment awaits collection by the recipient at a FedEx branch

2. Unsuccesful delivery attempt

3. It is not possible to deliver the shipment as planned due to reasons beyond FedEx controls e.g. no cash on hand

4. Shipment returned to the sender

5. Possible delivery delay

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We really do value your time. So let us take care of your shipments and leave you free to focus on your business. Contact us today to make the most of FedEx Express global services.

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