Automated shipping tools for small and medium companies

Choose FedEx ready-to-use IT solutions tailored to SME shipping needs. See how quickly and easily they can streamline the handling of domestic shipments. Contact your FedEx Sales Representative or Customer Service to find out more.

Advanced solutions for demanding customers

Use automated shipping tools created by FedEx experts as part of your application. Ship packages and pallets quickly and easily no matter how many orders you have to process every day. Contact your FedEx Sales Representative or Customer Services to find out more.

FedEx Domestic Shipping

  • Order a pick up by FedEx courier at a time that suits you using an app available on
  • Integrate deliveries with the Allegro shopping portal.
  • Store personal data in an address book and view shipping history as well as generate reports.

FDS Web Service

  • Integrate your software directly with the FedEx database.
  • Get real-time data exchange to send and track shipments from start to finish.
  • Build solutions tailored to the needs of your business while keeping your applications and data secure.

FDS Plus

A solution that allows full offline integration with the FedEx database with an option to incorporate the shipping process into your own operating system without affecting work pace or relying on an internet connection, allowing your employees to work with the tools they know best.

Operating system tools

Get tools for FedEx shipment automation that are fully compatible with the most popular operating systems such as WF Mag, Subiekt GT, Sello, Megento.

  • Allows employees to work both online and offline
  • Easy to install and use with no modification to your existing IT system

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Ship and receive packages from 220 countries and territories worldwide.

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Automated shipping tools

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