Direct Signature

This is a service tailored to your needs requiring the courier to deliver the shipment strictly in accordance with the instructions given by you and approved by FedEx. FedEx staff will verify the service has been completed correctly by courier with verified documents sent to the address requested. This service guarantees your shipment is delivered exactly the way you wanted.

Return Pack

Sometimes it is a swift exchange of products or documents that decides on the success of your business when, for example, your customer wants to replace their electronic device with a new one. Return Pack guarantees the delivery of your shipment only if the returned shipment is collected from the addressee. The return shipment will be sent back to you on the return waybill, that had been attached to the initial shipment.

Domestic Return

Your customers expect outstanding service, especially if you work in eCommerce. With a Domestic Return you can handle their returns quickly and conveniently by preparing and attaching a return label when creating the initial shipment. The shipment charge will only apply when the addressee sends back a product they have already purchased.

Direct Road Express

Express delivery from sender to addressee. Service provided by a dedicated FedEx courier on the day of shipment.

City Service

Delivery within two hours after receiving package from sender. Available within city administrative boundaries and suburban areas.

Added value services

Shipment handling at FedEx is more than just collection and delivery. That's why we offer a wide range of additional and extra options. So you can plan the delivery process in ways that best suit even your most demanding customers.

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