Solutions designed for your shipments in Poland

At FedEx, we are aware of the importance of the deliveries you entrust us with and all our expertise is dedicated to delivering your packages across Poland, regardless of their type and their specific features.

Service Type Your transit time  Your FedEx service
Domestic services
Delivery of packages
One working day after collecting the package FedEx Priority Overnight®
Delivery of pallets
One working day after collecting the pallet FedEx® Pallet Overnight
Local services*
Delivery of packages up to 5 kg Within 2 hours of collection of package FedEx City
Delivery of packages Transit times depends on distance from branch office FedEx Suburban


* Local services are limited to certain zip codes only. Please contact our Customer Service for more information

FedEx Priority Overnight®

Shipping of packages and documents
With FedEx Express domestic services you can ship documents and packages with specific dimensions and shapes. If you would like your shipment to be shipped and priced as a “package” it needs to satisfy the following conditions:

  • It is marked as package on the shipping document/consignment note by entering the number of elements in applicable weight limits for packages
  • The actual and dimensional weight of each package on the shipping document/consignment note is less than 70 kg
  • The length of the longest side of each package is no more than 200 cm
  • The sum of the length, width and height of a single package is no more than 300 cm
  • If your package is placed on a pallet, the dimensions of the base (of the pallet or package) are less than 80 x 120 cm (the length of the shorter and longer side, respectively).

Packages weighing up to 30 kg are delivered in ”door-to-door” service, i.e., the package is picked-up from the shipper’s door and delivered to the recipient’s door. Packages weighing in excess of 30 kg are delivered in the “board-to-board” system, that is, the shipment is delivered by unloading it from the vehicle and placing on the ground in an accessible place agreed with the recipient. The shipment is collected by loading it from an accessible place agreed with the shipper.

Standard package
Standard package is a single element of rectangular prism shape, the longest edge of which does not exceed 150 cm and none of the other edges is longer than 70 cm, whereas the sum its two longest edges is less than 180 cm. The base of the standard package is always the side with the largest area.

No fragment of the package may protrude beyond the space limited by the edges described above. Standard packages also include cardboard envelopes and triangle-section tubes with the dimensions specified above. The maximum weight of a standard package is 35 kg.

The packaging of a package shall not hinder or prevent its movement on smooth, flat surfaces. Your shipment should be prepared for transport in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the Domestic Services Terms and Conditions.

Non-standard package
Non-standard package is an element that is a package, which due to its size or properties cannot be classified as a standard package.

FedEx® Pallet Overnight

Shipping heavy and dimensional shipments
Heavy elements can be shipped and priced in FedEx Express domestic services as a “pallet” if at least one of the following conditions is satisfied:

  • It is marked as pallet on the shipping document/consignment note by entering the number of elements in the shipment in applicable weight limits for pallets
  • The actual or dimensional weight is more than 70 kg
  • They are placed on a pallet with the dimensions of its base of no less than 80 cm of its shorter side or 120 cm for its longer side, regardless of its weight.

Standard pallet
Standard pallet is an element placed on a pallet, the shorter side of the base of which is no longer than 80 cm, the longer side of the base is no longer than 120 cm, and its height is no greater than 180 cm (including its base), whereas no fragment of the shipment placed on the pallet may protrude beyond the space limited by the dimensions described above. The shipment on a pallet needs to be positioned and secured in a manner preventing its movement during transport.

Non-standard pallet
Non-standard pallet is an element of the shipment that is classified as a pallet, which due to its size or properties cannot be classified as a standard pallet.

Long shipment
Long shipment is an element with a length in excess of 200 cm, whereas the sum of the other two dimensions does not exceed 80 cm and with the actual or dimensional weight of up to 70 kg. The maximum allowed length of a long shipment is 300 cm.

Other shipments
Shipments that cannot be classified to any of the above categories, regardless of their weight, will be priced according to the number of pallet places occupied, in accordance with the applicable weight limit set out in the pallet price list. The number of pallet places occupied is calculated according to the surface occupied by the largest side of the element.

Additional services

FedEx Express offers various additional services for our customers, such as:

  • Cash on delivery
  • Return of confirmed documents to sender
  • Confirmation of delivery (copy of consignment note)
  • Insurance of the shipment
  • Storage of package (cost per day)
  • Home address delivery
  • Delivery to retail chains (supermarkets)
  • Return of undelivered packages
  • Cash payment report delivered by e-mail

For more information about our services please contact our domestic Customer Service.