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FedEx Global Supply Chain Services

Cold Chain Services Process

The Cold Chain Air Solution leverages the Custom Critical’s Temp-Assured® Validated Air service, which was developed after extensive testing of temperature-controlled airfreight containers, along with thermal mapping of FedEx Aircraft. The result is a validated process that provides a compliant audit trail and satisfies the demands placed on customers’ temperature-controlled shipping requirements.

Working closely with Custom Critical in the U.S., FedEx EMEA offers Cold Chain solutions utilizing temperature controlled air-cargo containers to several healthcare customers.

The Cold Chain Air Solution is ideal for shipments requiring strict temperature control travelling internationally. Featuring recording devices to capture temperature reading within the air-cargo container, door-to-door shipment tracking, exclusive use vehicles for pick-ups and deliveries and hard-copy temperature documentation.

FedEx performs the collection at the customer facility after receiving a minimum of five-day advance notice. On the day of collection the service provider delivers a fully operational and preconditioned container (Envirotainer – operating, loaded with batteries and the appropriate amount of dry ice) to the customer’s facility. The customer checks the container and temperature settings then loads the container and provides the appropriate paperwork.

The container is taken immediately to the pre-agreed export airport for loading onto the next outbound FedEx flight. Upon arrival the shipment will be cleared and if required flown to an agreed upon regional air hub. FedEx Custom Critical will collect the shipment and perform the end customer delivery. 

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