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FedEx Global Supply Chain Services

Transportation Management Services Process

The FedEx Managed Transportation Service allows our customers to send bulk transportation order requests using a single interface stream and performs the following processes for each order:

  • Verify/validate order data
  • Select appropriate routing for order
  • Communicate transport order to FedEx Express or designated service provider
  • Shipment tracking
  • Process invoices from other carriers
  • Prepare billing for customers
FedEx SCS proactively monitors events that occur throughout the transportation – alerts are generated for events that occur outside the schedule.

A customer-specific logistics solution will be investigated and configured by Logistic Engineers together with Sales. When the process has been discussed with, and agreed by the Client, the project can be implemented. A project manager will be assigned to co-ordinate the complete implementation with the responsible party for each area.

Everything agreed and implemented will be documented in a Standard Operations Procedure document that will be validated by the FedEx SCS Operations and the Client.

  1. An order is created in the Customer’s system via various modes (telephone, Internet, email, etc.).
  2. The Customer’s information system sends the order details to the warehouse in order to pick and pack the requested parts.
  3. Once the parts are packed, the Customer’s system is updated with the actual weight and dimensions.
  4. At this stage all required data is available and is sent to the FedEx Supply Chain Manager in a pre-agreed format.
  5. Based on pre-defined business rules (requested transit time, weight, dimensions, “ship to” country) the FedEx Supply Chain Manager defines the appropriate carrier and exports the orders automatically to the carrier system. Once this has been done, the FedEx Supply Chain Manager will send the orders (electronically) to the carrier and provide the “CUSTOMER” warehouse with the (Air) waybill label. The warehouse handler attaches the label to the correct box/pallet. With respect to the agreed pickup times, the assigned carrier will collect the goods. On a daily basis FedEx Supply Chain Manager uploads the Order Status Updates (Proof of Delivery, Proof of Collection, escalation codes, etc.). Based on these uploads, the responsible Order Management Agent follows up on escalation orders.
  6. The status updates can be sent to the Customer’s system (or displayed via a customized web site) to ensure full order visibility.
  7. FedEx GSCS will receive the invoices from all different carriers once a month. FedEx GSCS will check if all invoices are accurate (Freight Bill Auditing) and send one consolidated invoice to the Customer.

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