Credit Terms and Conditions and Payment Methods

Transportation Charge

Upon the member registration with Fedex, we will then process and open the Customer Credit Account for you automatically, which will be applicable for importing and exporting fees. The credit term would be 30 days after the date on each invoice.

Duties and taxes and other charges for inbound shipment
Upon your member registration with FedEx, the credit account will not be automatically opened. However it can be opened upon your request by contacting Credit Department at 0-2229-8800 ext. 8820-8830

Invoice Distribution (for Credit customers)
Invoices will be sent to you by mail on weekly basis. Upon receiving please check the accuracy and inform FedEx on any changes of information on invoices or of mailing address within 30 days (after the date on invoice) directly at Invoicing Hotline 0-2367-3511, Monday - Friday, 8.30AM - 5.30PM.

Checks payable to "Federal Express Corporation" are acceptable. Please write "Account Payee" then cross out "or Bearer". There are four recommended payment methods as follows.

By cash/check at the bank counter
For your convenience and security, please fill out "Payment Notification" form (attached with the invoice) with your payment either by cash or by check at the designated bank counters as listed on the invoice. You do not have to send the copy of Payment Notification back to FedEx as long as you follow the instruction below

  • Fill out all the details on provided Payment Notification (in case you want to process payment for multiple invoices by single check, simply identify any invoice number in the box "Bill No/Inv No" on Payment Notification)
  • Present the Payment Notification together with cash or check at the bank counter
  • Pay by Check
    - The date on check must not be later than the date of cash payment through the bank and the check has to be accepted by the bank before the deadlineon that day
    - Each check can be paid for only one payment notification

Note: If the Payment Notification was not attached with the invoice, please contact Credit and Collection Department.

By ATMs of Bangkok Bank (nation-wide but apply only for Bua Luang ATM, Bua Luang Premier, or Be1st card holders)

  • Choose "Others" on screen menu for transfer/ payment then choose "Others" again until you find "Federal Express" on the list
  • Enter Customer No. which is the same as "Account Number" shown on the invoice.
  • Enter the Reference No. which is either "Invoice/Tax Invoice Number" or "Notice No" on the invoice, then enter the amount and check the accuracy.

Note: In case of processing multiple invoices by one single transfer, you can simply enter only one invoice number while entering "Reference No."

By hand (Cash/Check)
Cash or Check can be handed in at our Headquarter office:
Federal Express Corporation, Headquarter
Credit and Collection Division
Floor 8th, Green Tower
3656/22-23 Rama IV Road, Klong Ton
Klong Tuey, Bangkok 10110

By mailing (Check only)
You can send the check by mail indicating FedEx Account No. and Invoice No. on the back of the check or attach the "REMITTANCE ADVICE" part of the invoice with the check to Federal Express Corporation either by returned envelope or to the above address.

By FedEx Invoice Online (FIO)
You can make payments over the Internet and handle all your invoices without the paperwork. Click here for details.


  • You are not responsible to any service fees in transferring money via ATM or by using "Payment Notification" form
  • In case of paying by check, your account will be credited when the bank has cleared the check. And in case of paying by cash, your account will be credited within 3 business days.
  • Receipt and Invoice are the same set of document and can be considered as legal document upon the payment

** If you have any queries about our policy in terms of credit line or payment methods, please contact FedEx Call Center at 1782, choose language, then press 2 and press 3

Example of "Payment Notification" for banks

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