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We are delivering for healthcare

We are delivering for healthcare

Medical shipping supplies and logistic services

Medical shipping supplies and logistic services

Patients, families, doctors and hospitals depend on your healthcare products and we recognize the trust you place in us to deliver—especially now, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s why we’re operating around the clock to support the healthcare industry. Our more than 475,000 team members are working to help keep global supply chains moving. From specialized and temperature-controlled packaging to expedited services for critical medical deliveries, we’re here to help, as always. 

FedEx has stepped up in the global effort to fight COVID-19

See how we are delivering for good during this time.

Helping you carry on

Specialized boxes and packaging for healthcare

Specialized boxes and packaging for healthcare

Image of medical supplies on a lab table next to a cold shipping box

Cold shipping boxes

Keep medical shipments cold, between 2˚C and 8˚C, for up to 96 hours and reduce your use of gel packs or dry ice using our convenient cold shipping.

Warehouse employee adding custom critical shipping label to shipment

Temperature-controlled solutions

Ensure sensitive medical products and supplies stay at the right temperature with packaging options including deep frozen ( -195˚C), cold shipping (8˚C), and insulated pallets or containers (25˚C).

A pharmacy technician picking up temperature-controlled supplies out of shipping box

Step-by-step guide to packing

From packing clinical samples to frozen items with dry ice, we can show you all the necessary packing steps to help ensure your healthcare items arrive safely to
their destination.

A stack of white shipping boxes on a lab table

Free express packaging

For items that don’t require temperature control, we offer multiple packaging solutions, including complimentary packaging when you ship with FedEx Express that you can order online.

Looking for more packaging options?

We’re here for you with a range of solutions to fit your healthcare customers’ needs.

We’re looking out for you

Monitoring for your critical medical shipments

Monitoring for your critical medical shipments

A warehouse worker looking at a laptop with tracking software on it

SenseAware Solutions

Monitor shipments in real-time with SenseAware by putting a tracking device in your critical healthcare shipments.

A warehouse worker affixing a priority boarding label on shipping boxes

FedEx Priority Alert®

Get a global service analyst assigned to your account who provides around-the-clock support; advanced shipment monitoring; and more.

See what solutions are available in your country