FedEx® 25kg Box


• Inside dimensions: 21.56" x 16.56" x 13.19" (54.8 cm x 42.1 cm x 33.5 cm).

• Maximum weight allowed: 55 lbs. (25 kg); to qualify for the flat rate, weight cannot exceed 25 kg.

• Weight when empty: 57 oz.

• Double-walled box for added strength.

• Available at FedEx World Service Center® locations.


* Some restrictions apply. Please call Customer Service for more details.
** Additional rate per kg applies for shipments that exceed 25kg and 10kg for the FedEx 25kg and 10kg Box respectively.


1.  The above features only apply to shipments in special FedEx 25kg or 10kg Box packaging.
2.  Standard FedEx International Priority restrictions apply.
3.  These commodities are prohibited:
     Alcoholic beverages
     Dangerous goods
     For other restrictions, call Customer Service.
4.  Each FedEx 25kg or 10kg Box must be accompanied by one air waybill.
5.  When FedEx 25kg or 10kg Boxes are used for shipments, flat rate pricing will apply.