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Even a slight change in temperature can compromise your shipment’s integrity. Rather than risk regulatory compliance — and your profits — trust your healthcare shipments to FedEx Temp-Assure, our portfolio of temperature-control solutions.

Ambient/room temperature shipping

For shipments that can't get too hot or too cold, we provide packaging and transportation services to maintain a constant room temperature.

15˚ to 25˚ Celsius | 59˚ to 77˚ Fahrenheit

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Refrigerated/cold shipping

Keep pharmaceuticals and other products cold with gel packs, chilled boxes and other options for refrigerated shipping.

2˚ to 8˚ Celsius | 35˚ to 46˚ Fahrenheit

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During unexpected delays, we keep temperature sensitive shipments safe using our network of temperature controlled facilities.

Cold chain center

Sometimes, an unexpected delay can happen while shipping. Whether it's inclement weather or a clearance delay, you should feel confident that your temperature sensitive shipment is protected. We have you covered with multiple cold chain centers around the globe.

If a contingency occurs while a shipment is in transit, the shipment may be routed to these facilities and stored at the temperature the shipment requires. Ideal for healthcare shipments, these facilities will give you peace of mind.

Cool room storage in Costa Rica

We can store small parcel in San Jose. Please ask your FedEx Account Executive about space availability and temperature range.