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FedEx Web Services

FedEx Web Services

FedEx Web Services

FedEx Web Services will help your customers’ ship more seamlessly via FedEx — directly from your website or business application.

No matter your business type or size, our portfolio of web integration solutions lets you easily offer dynamic shipping-related services directly from your website and internal business applications. Streamline your workload and improve your business process with minimal time and investment. Simply plug in one of our web integration solutions and connect with the power of FedEx.

Getting Started With FedEx Web Services

It’s easy to get started with FedEx Web Services. Learn how to integrate dynamic FedEx® shipping capabilities into your website and provide your customers with a more powerful user experience. FedEx Web Services is powerful, easy to use and free – get started today!

Integrate FedEx rates using FedEx Web Services

Introducing FedEx Web Services rating, an online rating solution for your integration needs. Learn how to get started with the rate Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and be on your way to providing detailed rating information for your business.

Migrate your application to FedEx Web Services

FedEx is retiring the legacy FedEx Ship Manager® API (Application Programming Interface) and the FedEx Ship Manager® Direct automated shipping solutions. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to transition your legacy solution and take advantage of all the benefits that FedEx Web Services can offer your business.

FedEx Web Integration Wizard

What is the FedEx Web Integration Wizard? And how does it work? Watch this helpful video to learn more about how your business can benefit from this quick and easy to use integration solution.