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FedEx is represented in Laos by a
nominated Service Contractor.

Service Available:
Export/Import services

For more information about the
FedEx services available for Laos,
please contact:

Company: Lao Freight Forwarder Company Ltd
Telephone: 856.21.313321
Fax: 856.21.313351

Frequently Asked Questions

The sender, the recipient, or a third-party can file a claim. A letter of authorization from the shipper is required for a recipient or third party to make a claim.

  • Please contact our Customer Service team at 22.3278 or email to file your claim.
  • Gather the following documentation:
    Photocopy of the FedEx air waybill or FedEx Ship ManagerTM printout.
    All related documentation regarding the proof of value of the goods/products shipped (copy of original invoice from vendor or supplier; copy of retail invoice or receipt; final confirmation screen, if an online order, with proof of payment; itemized repair invoice or statement of non-repair, appraisals; expense statement; or any other applicable documentation).
    Serial number(s) of merchandise, if applicable.
    Inspection report, if applicable.
  • Submit the claim and documentation by email or fax:
    Fax: 856.21.22.3280

Concealed loss, damage, and delay claims must be filed within 21 calendar days of the delivery date. Non-delivery or misdelivery claims must be filed within nine months of the shipment date.

Unless additional time for research is required, most cases will be resolved five to seven days after we receive your claim form and supporting claim documentation.

If you email the claim form to us via email, you will receive acknowledgement of the email and regular updates on the status of your claim.

The sender will receive the claim settlement unless special arrangements are made with the shipper.

Keep the merchandise and all original packaging, including cartons and contents, until the claim reolution process is finished. It may be necessary to make the packaging available to FedEx for inspection.

For more information on billing procedures, please contact Customer Service at 22.3278.

Payment may be in the form of a valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB).

To update your billing information, please contact us at 22.3278.

Step 1: Please settle all the outstanding invoices for the account.

Step 2: Please provide a letter of authorization (L.O.A.) The L.O.A, should be on company letterhead (if applicable) and include the reason(s) for closing the account, the effective date, the authorization signature and official company stamp.

For any query, please contact FedEx Customer Service at 22.3278.

Please follow the steps below to open a FedEx account:

In order to ship online using FedEx Ship ManagerTM at, a FedEx account and a login are required. You can first open a FedEx Account online and then get a login.

If you want to ship online using the full range of FedEx Ship Manager services on, a FedEx account and a login are required. You first need to open a FedEx account, which you can either do online or by contacting Customer Service, and then you need to register for a login ID and password.

FedEx commitment times and rates vary depending on different service types. FedEx International Priority® has a shorter transport time and a higher rate than FedEx international Economy Service®.
Go to International Services and Solutions to select the service that meets your needs.

Yes, it's easy to prepare your shipments online. If you already have a FedEx account number, logon to FedEx Ship Manager at to process your shipment. Print out your shipping labels on a laser printer, and you're ready to ship.

Find out everything you need to know before you ship any package through our comprehensive online Tools for Shipping.

Recognizing that your deadlines can vary from day to day, FedEx provides three delivery options: FedEx International First® ;for shipments from select origins to select destinations, International Priority® for overnight delivery to the U.S. and key destinations in Asia and Europe, and International Economy® ;for time definite delivery worldwide. For specific delivery commitments based on your shipment's origin and destination, please go to the Get Rates & Transit Times application on

Generally it is not possible to change the service type or delivery time of the shipment once it has been shipped.
Please contact Customer Service to confirm if changes can be made.

The window for cancelling a shipment is quite tight, but shipments can be cancelled using FedEx Ship Manager at Logon to FedEx Ship Manager at and click on the Ship History tab. Select the shipment and click on the Cancel button.

Yes. FedEx Ship Manager at allows you to reprint shipping labels and/or international documentation. FedEx labels and documents may be reprinted up to 12 hours after they are processed, or until midnight local time (whichever comes first). Click on the Ship History tab, select the shipment, and click on the Reprint button.

If you have the package tracking number, you can access the delivery city and signature information on using the Track Shipment application.

If you need further detailed delivery information, including exact address, please call us at 22.3278.

If you are the shipper, you may contact FedEx at to change the delivery address.

For inbound shipments --- The Shipper's authorization may be required for certain commodities. A service charge will be billed to the account the shipment is charged to. Reroute charges may vary according to the service type. Please contact Customer Service at for more details.

For outbound shipments --- Reroute does not cover change of delivery address other than the city indicated on the AWB. If you request to change the delivery address from one city to another city, it is not simply a reroute but a redirection of the shipment and a new shipment with additional shipping charges will be applied. The Shipper's authorization is required.

No matter if it is an inbound or outbound shipment, change of delivery address is an exception service and we can not make any assurances in their execution.

FedEx has a variety of shipping options:
For FedEx Express shipments, we offer several services that each provides delivery by a certain time.

Please contact FedEx Customer Service at if you want to arrange a specific delivery time for your shipment. Please note, the arrangement is dependent upon availability and location.

Yes. Please ensure you keep a record of your booking number. If a booking number is not available, please contact FedEx Customer Service.

You must have an account number to order free FedEx Supplies.
Select the desired supplies and quantity. Fill in your address along with other details and click Submit to complete your order

If you have the package tracking number, you can access the delivery city and signature information on using the Track Shipment application.

If you need further detailed delivery information, including exact address, please call our Customer Service team at 22.3278.

Payment may be in the form of a valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB).

Go to FedEx Tracking, enter your tracking number and click Track to proceed.

To learn more about the status of your package, please visit FedEx Tracking Quick Help.

You can choose from the following options:

- Drop your package off at a FedEx drop-off location

- Arrange for a courier pickup by calling Customer Service

- Schedule a regular pickup with Customer Service

You can find a FedEx location near you to drop off or pick up your FedEx Express shipments here.

You can arrange a courier pickup by calling Customer Service.

If you ship many packages a week and would like to schedule a regular pickup, please call Customer Service.

Shipments in FedEx-provided packaging are not currently subject to dimensional weight pricing. Dimensional weight is a calculation of a shipment's weight based on the dimensional weight instead of its actual weight. To obtain a rate quote, you will need to provide shipment dimensions along with the actual weight of your shipment.

For all FedEx Express shipments to another country/territory, dimensional weight is calculated by the following formula: Length x Width x Height (all in cm or all in inches)/ factor number, which is provided by FedEx.

FedEx reserves the right to assess transportation charges based on dimensional weight for all shipments.

Yes. Only one reroute request per package is allowed to change a delivery address from what was originally on the air waybill or shipping label. The shipment reroute must be authorized by the sender.

A reroute includes a change to any one of the following:

  • From one street address to another in the same city/state
  • From Hold at FedEx Location instructions to a request for a delivery
  • From delivery instructions to a request for Hold at FedEx Location
  • From one Hold at FedEx Location to another in the same city/state

To reroute a shipment, call Customer Service and provide the following information:

  • FedEx tracking number
  • The new destination address and contact telephone number for the recipient.

Please note that the FedEx Money-Back Guarantee does not apply to shipments that are rerouted.

Yes, rerouting a shipment is possible; additional fees and restrictions may apply. There is no extra charge to hold packages for pickup instead of delivery; however, the person authorized to pick up the package will need to present a photo I.D. The FedEx Money-Back Guarantee does not apply to shipments that are rerouted.

FedEx reserves the right to determine the mode of transportation (including air, ground, or other carriers) to get your shipment to its new destination as quickly as possible. FedEx will attempt to honor the new delivery request, but verification and handling procedures may result in delays.

In most cases, FedEx will attempt to deliver your package three times before returning it to the shipper.

When the driver is unable to leave your package, he/she will leave a tag on your door, informing you of the delivery attempt. The door tag contains the air waybill number and the next delivery time attempt, typically the next business day.

You may contact FedEx Customer Service at 22.3278 to arrange a specific delivery time re-attempt or to arrange for the package to be held at a FedEx location for self pickup. The nearest FedEx location can be found by clicking on FedEx Locations at

We suggest that you explore the About FedEx section of the FedEx website. About FedEx offers a wealth of information about FedEx, press releases, and more.