Service, Regulatory Updates and Important Notifications

Service Updates and Important Notifications

Service Updates and Important Notifications

Latest Service Updates

Due to the 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak and measures imposed by governments around the world, there are currently unavoidable service impacts on both inbound and outbound FedEx and TNT shipments as outlined below. This information is provided for general guidance only. Due to the dynamic nature of the situation, the information is subject to change without notice. We are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to provide updates as they become available.

City Pick Up and Delivery
(International Express, TNT, and China Domestic Express)
Bao Tou Operating (2)
Baoding Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Beijing Operating (2)
Binzhou Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Cangzhou Operating (2)
Chagnsha Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Chagnzhou Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Changchun Operating (2)
Chengde Operating (2)
Chengdu Operating (2)
Chongqing Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Dalian Operating (2)
Dezhou Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Dongguan Operating (2)
Dongying Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Foshan Operating (2)
Fuzhou Operating (2)
Guangzhou Operating (2)
Guiyang Operating (2)
Hai Kou Operating (2)
Handan Operating (2)
Hangzhou Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Harbin Operating (2)
Hefei Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Hengshui Operating (2)
Heyuan Operating (2)
Heze Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Huadu Operating (2)
Huaian Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Huhehaote Operating (2)
Huizhou Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Huzhou Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Jiang Ying Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Jiangmen Operating (2)
Jiaxing Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Jinan Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Jining Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Kun Ming Operating (2)
Kunshan Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Lanzhou Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Liaocheng Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Linyi Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Nanchang Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Nanjing Operating (2)
Nanning Operating (2)
Nantong Operating (2)
Ningbo Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Panyu Operating (2)
Qingdao Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Qinghuangdao Operating (2)
Quanzhou Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Rizhao Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Shanghai Operating (2)
Shantou Operating (2)
Shaoxing Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Shenyang Operating (2)
Shenzhen - Baoan District Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Shenzhen – Except Baoan District Operating (2)
Shijiazhuang Operating (2)
Shunde Operating (2)
Suqian Operating (2)
Suzhou Operating (2)
Taian Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Taiyuan Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Taizhou Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Tangshang Operating (2)
Tianjing Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Urumqi Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Weifang Operating (2)
Weihai Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Wenzhou Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Wuhan Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Wuhu Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Wulumuqi Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Wuxi Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Xiamen Operating (2)
Xi'an Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Xingtai Operating (2)
Xuzhou Operating (2)
Yancheng Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Yangjiang Operating (2)
Yangzhou Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Yantai Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Yiwu Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Yuyao Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Zaozhuang Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Zengcheng Operating (2)
Zhang Jia Gang Operating (2)
Zhangjiakou Operating (2)
Zhen Jiang Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Zhenzhou Temporary Service Suspension (1)
Zhongshan Operating (2)
Zhuhai Operating (2)
Zibo Temporary Service Suspension (1)

(1) Except Select Shipments for Relief Efforts

(2) Delays may occur due to increased volume


To accommodate the development of new local regulations in Vietnam and Philippines, the following network changes have been implemented until further notice.

Origins Destinations Additional transit time
(Business Days)


Only Shipments via: 

  • Hanoi gateway

  • Ho Chi Minh City gateway

All regions, except for:

  • Europe

  • North America

  • South America

  • Worldwide
  • Vietnam

  • Philippines



The transit time for select FedEx Express shipments from the U.S., Canada, and Latin America will be temporarily extended as per the table below.

Origins Destinations Affected FedEx Express Services Additional transit time
(Business Days)
  • U.S.
  • Canada
  • Latin America
  • China
  • International Priority Freight (IPF)
  • U.S.
  • Canada
  • Latin America
  • China
  • International Economy Freight (IEF)
  • Europe
  • China
  • International Priority Freight (IPF)


Due to the consistently deteriorating security situation in the country, FedEx has suspended its services in Yemen until further notice.

In compliance with the new U.S. Executive Order and with immediate effect, all inbound and outbound services to and from Syria are suspended until further notice.

Important Notifications

Unauthorized use of FedEx® Business Names, Service Marks and Logos

FedEx has been alerted to the unauthorized use of its business names, service marks and logos by persons or companies fraudulently representing themselves as FedEx or as representatives of FedEx.

Millions of fraudulent e-mails and sms messages are deployed daily. They claim to come from a wide variety of sources, and some claim to be from FedEx or representing FedEx. Fraudulent e-mail and sms messages, often referred to as "phishing" or brand "spoofing," are becoming increasingly common. These types of messages often use corporate logos, colors and legal disclaimers to make it appear as though they are real. They are sent in an attempt to trick people into sending money and providing personal information such as usernames, passwords and/or credit card details, and for the purpose of committing theft, identity theft and/or other crimes.

Recognizing Phishing Scam E-mails and sms messages

Recognizing phishing scam e-mails and sms messages is key to protecting yourself against such theft and other crimes. Indicators that an e-mail or sms message might be fraudulent include:

  • Unexpected requests for money in return for delivery of a package or other item, personal and/or financial information, such as your Social Security number, bank account number, or other identification.
  • Links to misspelled or slightly altered Web-site addresses. For example, variations on the correct Web-site address, such as or
  • Alarming messages and requests for immediate action, such as "Your account will be suspended within 24 hours if you don't respond" or claims that you've won the lottery or a prize.
  • Spelling and grammatical errors and excessive use of exclamation points (!).

FedEx does not request, via unsolicited mail, e-mail or sms messages, payment or personal information in return for goods in transit or in FedEx custody. If you have received a fraudulent e-mail or sms message that claims to be from FedEx, you can report it by forwarding it to

If you have any questions or concerns about services provided by FedEx, please review our services at FedEx Services or contact FedEx Customer Service.

The Internet is an important channel connecting FedEx to its customers. While there is no foolproof method to prevent the unauthorized use of the FedEx name, we continuously watch for such activity in order to help safeguard our customers' interests.

Thank you for helping us identify and take action against e-mail & sms fraud.

NOTE: FedEx is not responsible for any charges or costs incurred as a result of fraudulent activity that abuses the FedEx name, service marks and logos.

FedEx does not require money transfers through third-party escrow services or online payment services prior to shipment delivery.

The use of the FedEx logo and name on these websites is unauthorized and our legal department will address this matter with the relevant authorities.

FedEx is committed to protecting the security and integrity of our network.

While there is no foolproof method to prevent the respected FedEx name from being used in spam emails or potential scams, we are constantly monitoring for such activity and work cooperatively with law enforcement agencies around the world.

We urge customers to be suspicious of any request not coming directly from a FedEx employee or domain name, especially if it contains an attachment which the customer is asked to open.

Customers should not hesitate to contact us if they have questions regarding the legitimacy of an email soliciting payment in advance or requests to provide additional or personal information.