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Fund Transfer
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Fund Transfer
& Others

How do Fund Transfer and Others work?

Please quote your invoice number when you are making payment for a single invoice or include your FedEx account number when you are paying multiple invoices. This will ensure that your payment is processed in a timely manner and your account balance is up to date. For your convenience, there are a number of ways for you to settle your bill.

Credit Note

Fund Transfer

Instruct your bank to transfer funds to the account below, and then fax the completed remittance advice to 649.917.3024, or notify us by sending an e-mail to Please remember always to include your account number, invoice number, and the payment amount in your e-mail.

Bank Account Name: FedEx Express New Zealand
Bank Name: Citibank, N.A.
Bank Address: Citibank Centre 23, Customs Street East, Auckland, New Zealand
Bank Account No: 001963500
Bank Code: 31
Branch number: 2840
Swift Code: CITINZ2X
Credit Card


Please send a check together with the completed remittance advice to the address below.

Payee: FedEx Express New Zealand
Address: P.O. Box 409, Shortland Street, Auckland, New Zealand

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