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Start connecting to more people and possibilities



Start connecting to more people and possibilities



Value of creating a FedEx account

Savings & Rewards

FedEx Card

Sign up for a shipping account with a credit card for an instant 40% off our shipping rates in the first three months and up to 55% thereafter¹. HOW TO EARN DISCOUNTS

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Alternatively, check with our dedicated Small Business specialists for customised pricing and enjoy 30 days credit terms. CONTACT US

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Get free packaging and shipping supplies².  CHECK OUR SUPPLIES

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Receive time-limited offers.

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Receive My FedEx Rewards – earn points to redeem gifts³.

Simpler shipping

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Check online tracking & email notifications.

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Maintain address books and profiles to save time on repeat shipments.

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View pending shipments and history.

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Schedule one-time or regular pick-ups.

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Submit customs documentation electronically to gain efficiencies, save time and reduce printing cost. SEE OUR SOLUTIONS

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Maintain online billing and reporting. MANAGE YOUR BILLING ONLINE

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Allow your customers to manage their delivery options. SEE HOW IT WORKS

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Manage international return shipments. CHECK YOUR RETURN OPTIONS

¹Terms & Conditions apply.

² Standard FedEx packaging eligible.

³By invitation only – for more information contact our customer representatives.