Meet Roxo™, the FedEx SameDay Bot

Roxo the FedEx Delivery Bot

The future is knocking

Roxo operates on sidewalks, bike lanes and roadsides, and is designed to be used in a three-to-five mile radius of a retailer’s location. We specifically designed Roxo for reliable, autonomous last-mile delivery that can deliver to a customer's door, including climbing the curb, traveling up the sidewalk and climbing deep terrace steps. 

Further testing is being planned, targeting customer use cases like: auto parts, pizza delivery, home improvement, general merchandise and groceries.

Safety and specs

Roxo delivering in city
Roxo on the street

Roxo's background

How much revenue do you expect Roxo to generate?

We view this autonomous last-mile delivery service as a new market for FedEx and see tremendous potential for growth here.

How does a customer pay for a Roxo delivery?

Service features are still being developed, but because autonomous last-mile delivery is one of the priciest and most complex parts of the delivery process, we are aiming to make this a cost-effective solution.

Where can Roxo operate?

Legislation that permits direct delivery devices to operate has been passed in Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia. Additionally, we're continuing to work with state and local officials on the testing and operation of new direct delivery devices and related technologies.

When will Roxo be fully operational for customers to use?

Roxo continues to be tested, developed and evaluated. We are looking forward to our most advanced testing period yet in 2021.

How many bots do you have today? What are the plans for numbers of bots? How many, by when?

The bot is still a prototype, but the version that is currently being tested is the third generation. When testing is complete, we hope to produce these to serve local same day delivery needs.

How does using Roxo benefit the communities in which it operates?

Roxo will solve a need for cost-effective and sustainable last-mile deliveries, but the bot plays other important roles in communities.

Because Roxo is able to traverse the last 50 feet of a route, deliveries can be contactless and consumers with limited mobility can safely receive shipments at their door.