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FedEx® Delivery Manager

FedEx® Delivery Manager

Let your residential customers choose delivery on their terms

Let your residential customers choose delivery on their terms

Make deliveries more convenient for your customers

Your customers can't always be at home to receive deliveries. With FedEx Delivery Manager, you can offer them the ability to customise their delivery date and location at no extra cost.

FedEx Delivery Manager

Delivery options for every situation

Your customers receive timely notifications with a link to a secure portal where they can choose from a variety of delivery options.

Delivery to Another Address

Deliver to another address


Deliver to my address on a future date


Deliver to my neighbour


Deliver to a pick-up point


Deliver as planned


Deliver as planned to a safe place

Check our FAQs to learn more about service availability.

Benefits for you and your customers

When you use FedEx Delivery Manager to give customers more flexibility, your business can benefit too.


Benefits for your customers

  • Choose their preferred delivery option at no additional cost
  • Stay up to date with shipment notifications via SMS or email
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing their delivery is secure

Benefits for your business

  • Boost customer satisfaction and increase loyalty
  • Increase successful first-time deliveries
  • Differentiate your business at no extra cost

How does it work?

It's easy to let your customers choose their preferred delivery option. Just follow these 3 steps in FedEx Ship Manager™ at to turn on notifications.


Step 1

Leave company name field blank in the 'To' address field. 


Step 2

Provide your customer's email address and mobile phone number.


Step 3

Select at least one notification option, preferably 'Delivery'.

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See our Terms & Conditions for more information.


FedEx will send a notification via email and/or SMS including the planned delivery day to your residential recipient. If the proposed date is not convenient, the recipient can access a secure website link provided in the notification and request a change of the planned delivery date and/or location. Any changes requested are confirmed via an email and/or SMS to the recipient. On the day of the delivery, the recipient will be reminded that the shipment is on its way for delivery.

Shippers can initiate the FedEx Delivery Manager service for their recipients. Recipients cannot sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager.

  • Deliver as planned
  • Deliver as planned to a safe place
  • Deliver to my address on a future date
  • Deliver to my neighbour
  • Deliver to another address
  • Deliver to a pick-up point

Please note: There are differences in delivery options in each region/country (for instance, in some markets the "Deliver to my neighbour" option might be turned off or your recipients might not have the "Delivery to a pick-up point" option). Not all options are available in every destination country and a given destination country may not have coverage in all areas. Furthermore, some restrictions apply depending on shipment type.

FedEx Delivery Manager applies to eligible shipments sent via all FedEx services for delivery to residential locations in the destination market. Contact your local FedEx Customer Service team for more details about eligibility of your shipments.

You can select the email notification option in our shipping automation tools to inform you once your recipients receive their packages.

Please contact your sales representative or local Customer Service for further information.