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Introducing our customs clearance team

Introducing our customs clearance team

How we help you to provide a seamless delivery experience for your customers.

How we help you to provide a seamless delivery experience for your customers.

The customs clearance team plays a vital role in ensuring shipments are cleared through customs and reach their destination quickly and efficiently. The team has a lot of responsibilities, and can be divided into the following areas of expertise:


Global Trade Services (GTS), which completes customs declarations based on the information supplied by you. The team is also responsible for contacting you or your customer to ask for further information or clarification if required by the authorities.


Regulatory, which identifies any new regulation or changes to regulation in each country and connects with government bodies. The team confirms how changes need to be applied and identifies alterations to our systems and processes to accommodate these changes if necessary.


Compliance, which makes sure regulations are upheld and applied correctly. The checks that the team conducts play an important part in our own internal measurements and ensure we’re doing our brokerage work correctly.

our customs team

The customs clearance team works as part of FedEx’s door-to-door service, with a broad range of support provided as standard. Customers have the option to select their own broker if they’ve chosen to use an external company and will need to communicate this to FedEx. 

Most commonly our experts will prepare customs declarations based on the paperwork supplied by the shipper, calculate duties and taxes in accordance with the authorities’ rates, and clear shipments through the customs process. The team is also able to handle certain shipments that require processing under special customs procedures, such as temporary imports, repairs and personal belongings.

Our team has the knowledge, experience and expertise to guide you through the clearance procedures and can tailor their support to the needs of the individual and the nature of the shipment.