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Helping you move forward

Helping you move forward

We are ready and determined to
support you every step of the way

We are ready and determined to
support you every step of the way

COVID-19 has required you to adapt the way you do business. It's important now more than ever that your operations continue without fail. We stand by you as your business continues to transition to a new normal and operations pick back up. FedEx Office is your powerful advantage connecting you to limitless possibilities.

Back to business solutions

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Tips and advice

Check out ideas and recommendations for back to business operations in the back to business guide section. 

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Bundled options

Overwhelmed with options? Browse the product bundles section for stress-free suggestions.

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Feeling safe

Print materials can aid in creating a safe environment. See recommendations in the specialized printed materials section. 

Top 5 critical communication goals after a crisis are:

Top five communication goals infographic

Key areas to display communication

The reception area is likely your first line of defense. Here you should convey any policies regarding visitors, vendors and employees. You can welcome, inform, instruct and more in this space.

Lobby signage

Elevators are known for being a confined space. Ensure safety precautions are being met by implementing social distancing signage.

Elevator signage

Fitness centers may need to remain closed to avoid the spread of germs. Inform employees of new policies in place through signage by the gym entrance.

Gym signage

Restrooms are one of the most daunting areas of your building to consider. You cannot overemphasize the importance of proper hand washing. The free CDC poster designs are the perfect solution for restrooms.

Restroom signage

Set the tone and take advantage of prime real estate – the entry way. This highly visible area is a great space to implementing signage on any new health and safety guidelines.

Entry signage

This area should inform employees about the cleaning process and frequency, and guide them with best practices of their own. Reminders to properly wash hands also need to be visible. 

Break room signage

Employees spend the bulk of their time at a desk or in an office. Customized welcome back boxes with branded safety supplies such as masks, hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes will let them know you care about their wellness.

Box containing cubicle kit

Hallways are a highly visible area to utilize throughout the building. Here you can build confidence that your facility is safe in this space. You can also inform employees about services that are available during stressful times.

Hallway signage

Cafes and cafeterias face challenges earning trust with consumers. Letting them know what precautions are being taken is very important. This area should inform employees about the cleaning process and guide them with best practices. 

Cafe signage

Parking and outdoors areas offer opportunities to inform, welcome, thank and instruct employees and visitors. Long term and short term signage can be leveraged for parking and outdoor instructions.

Parking signage

Kick start your operations with bundled options

Interior signage

  • 25 Social distancing floor decals
  • 4 Reception / lobby signs
  • 6 Countertop signs (common areas)
  • 50 Health practice CDC posters
  • 4 Restroom wash hands surface graphic
  • 20 Temporary directional signs (traffic flow, etc.)
  • 2 Stanchion posters (queuing for common areas)
  • 4 Water fountain / cooler Signs
  • 2 Elevator posters (outside elevator)
  • 2 Elevator surface graphics (inside elevator)
  • 1 Plexi reception shield
  • 5 Conference room etiquette signs
  • 2 Retractable banners

Exterior signage

  • 4 A-frame welcome instructional signs
  • 40 Social distancing sidewalk graphics
  • 1 Wind-proof sign display stand
  • 1 aluminum security sign
  • 20 stanchion signs with sanitizer holder (sanitizer not included)

Where to use your signage

Training rooms

  • 5 Tabletop graphics (training room etiquette)
  • 15 Chair graphics (etiquette reminders)
  • 2 Social distancing guidelines poster
  • 2 Sanitizer stanchion poster (sanitizer not included)
  • 1 Welcome back banner

Remote training

  • 100 Monitor beards
  • 100 Welcome back branded boxes (contents not included)

Where to use your signage

  • 50 COVID alert posters
  • 2 Welcome back banners
  • 4 Breakroom safety posters
  • 4 First aid kit safety decals
  • 100 Welcome back branded boxes (contents not included)
  • 250 Health and safety procedures cards (business card size)
  • 25 Health and safety table tents for common areas

Where to use your signage

  • 25 Social distancing floor decals
  • 2 Welcome back banners
  • 2 Temporary directional signs (traffic flow, etc.)
  • 25 CDC health posters
  • 1 Breakroom safety posters
  • 20 Sanitizer stations and posters

Where to use your signage

  • 100 Welcome back branded boxes (contents not included)
  • 250 Pocket safety cards
  • 250 Monitor beards

Where to use your signage

The right print materials for your meaningful messages

Think outside the box and command attention. Deliver your products and your message in a box that represents your brand. Fill the box with items to welcome back employees, loyal customers or to kick off a new school year.

Message ideas:

  • Welcome back, we’re happy to see you. Use these items to keep you healthy and safe.
  • Thank you for being a loyal customer. Enjoy this discount on us!
  • Wear your school colors with pride. Best of luck this school year!
Opened grad box
Closed grad box

The sky’s not the limit when it comes to sharing your big messages. Let people know you are open, thank first responders and more with a wide variety of banners. Banners are suitable for indoor and/or outdoor use and come in a variety of materials, sizes and types.

Message ideas:

  • This state requires you to wear a mask in public
  • Check in with the receptionist for temperature scan before you will be allowed to enter
  • We practice social distancing
  • Cleanse all surfaces with provided antibacterial wipes
  • We are open for all of your business needs
Three example banners on display

Have limited wall space? Try a stationary banner, which provides a floor display solution that is both durable and easy to use. Boasting a 24” x 70” full-color, photo-quality display banner that snaps into a sturdy metal stand, this is a great option for storefront displays, double-sided displays, retail promotions and lobbies.

Message ideas:

  • Thank you employees
  • Don’t come to work if you have these symptoms
  • Assistance resources are available through your benefits department
  • See reception desk for temperature scan
Coworkers admiring a lobby banner display

Creative signs can quickly convey any message, and can be portable for a variety of uses.

Message ideas:

  • Curbside pick-up or service
  • Parking reserved for guests that are exhibiting signs of illness
  • Now open for business
  • New entrance this way
  • Revised hours
  • Thank you first responders
  • Check in online and we will call when you can come in
Three signage examples on display

Poster printing is a great way to make a statement with large prints. Highlight important events with quality poster prints that communicate your message.

Message ideas:

  • We care about your health and wellbeing
  • Here’s what we are doing to make this building safer
  • You have the right to time off per government regulations
  • Welcome back to the office
Poster hanging on hallway wall

Decals are available in permanent or removable materials, and allow your messages to show up in unexpected places like windows, elevators, escalators and more. Labels are also available.

Message ideas:

  • Revised hours
  • Delivery instructions
  • Encouraging messages
  • Thank you vendors
Decals displayed on exterior and interior windows

Temporary to long-term floor graphics are an excellent way to provide direction and catch the eyes of people walking and looking down at their phone. These graphics can be used indoors and outdoors, depending on the material chosen.

Message ideas:

  • Social distancing for safety
  • Welcome back to work
  • Wait here for service
Social distancing and other floor graphics
Selection of 5 US CDC and Department of Labor documents

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