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Do you have a FedEx account number and want to enjoy all the benefits a account provides? Taking your account online is easy and only requires a few simple steps.



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You can create a user ID without opening an account; it provides you with an online profile to track previ- ous shipments and helps you ship quickly using contact information stored in your address book.


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Every FedEx account holder has access to these benefits and more:

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Exclusive Discounts

Exclusive discounts on eligible FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground®, FedEx Home Delivery® and FedEx Freight® services.

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Streamlined Shipping

Streamlined shipping with FedEx Ship Manager®, an online shipping tool built for shippers and shipments of all types and sizes.

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Account Management

Powerful online account management tools including online billing, an address book, claims and returns access, and more.

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On-demand Reporting

Unparalleled insight into past shipments with on-demand reporting from FedEx Reporting Online.

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Free Supplies

Free FedEx Express packaging and shipping supplies.

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Schedule Pickups

Complete online scheduling and management of pickups and shipments.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need to open an account?

If you ship regularly, open a FedEx account online and take advantage of FedEx Ship Manager at and make managing your shipping as fast and easy as possible. Also, you will save up to 16% on eligible FedEx Express® U.S. and international services and up to 8% on eligible FedEx Ground® and FedEx Home Delivery® services.


If you ship rarely, you are not required to have a FedEx account number to create shipping labels online. However, please note that you will have to enter and authorize your credit card number for every shipment.

Is there a fee for opening a FedEx account?

There is no fee to open a FedEx account number.

We do ask that you submit a credit card number, so your billing information is tied to your FedEx account. In order to verify the billing information for each FedEx account opened, a temporary $10 hold is placed on your credit card account. The $10 hold will be removed within seven business days.

I forgot my user ID and/or password. How can I find this information?

If you do not remember your FedEx user ID or password, please click here to have FedEx e-mail the information to you.

Can I add additional FedEx customer numbers?

Yes. Log in to and click the Manage tab in the top navigation bar, then select Update My Profile and Account Management. Update your profile with additional FedEx customer numbers that you'd like to add to your account. You will receive an e-mail confirmation when your account has been updated.