Freight shipping

Learn freight shipping basics and get instructions for calculating freight costs. Explore less-than-truckload (LTL) and FedEx Express® Freight services. Find tools to make freight shipping easier.

Save up to 60% on freight shipping just by opening an account.*

You’ll need your classification to get rates and ship. Learn about freight classification.

Start your freight shipment with your classification and shipment details.

You can schedule a one-time freight pickup at no cost to you.

See how fast you can ship using economy and expedited freight shipping.

A Bill of Lading (BOL) acts as your shipping label for an LTL shipment. You can download a blank BOL or create one online.

Use our easy tools to get a freight quote.

Find your LTL shipping costs for the contiguous U.S., Mexico and Canada.

See your costs for expedited shipping in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii, plus international shipping to 220 countries and territories.

Check for last-minute savings on your FedEx Express® Freight shipping.

Under 250 lbs icon
Under 250 lbs icon

For shipments under 250 lbs.,
use FedEx® Great Rates Hotline.

Over 250 lbs icon
Over 250 lbs icon

For shipments over 250 lbs.,
use FedEx MyQuote.

What is freight?

Any shipment over 150 lbs. is considered freight. Freight shipping is the transportation of goods, commodities and cargo in bulk by ship, aircraft, truck or intermodal via train and road. It can be transported domestically or internationally by land, air or sea.

photo of two shipments stacked on freight pallets

Benefits of shipping freight with FedEx

computer desktop icon
computer desktop icon

Cut down on keying errors when you go paperless by creating online shipping labels for domestic freight instead of BOLs.

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search icon

Get visibility for your large multiple-pallet shipments. With automatic pallet-level tracking, each skid has a unique tracking number.

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big rig icon

Simplify your freight with our nationwide network of couriers. There’s no need to use multiple carriers as you go from region to region.

freight dolly icon
freight dolly icon

Get unparalleled speed and a wide variety of special handling options for your critical, refrigerated and hazmat shipments.

We're making freight shipping easier and more innovative.

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How to calculate freight shipping costs

Learn to estimate how much shipping will cost based on freight class, destination, transit times and shipment size.

How to ship freight

From start to finish, get step-by-step
instructions for:

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number 1 icon

Packing your shipment

number 2 icon
number 2 icon

Estimating your freight classification

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number 3 icon

Choosing a freight service

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number 4 icon

Creating an LTL or FedEx Express Freight shipment and Bill of Lading

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number 5 icon

Scheduling a pickup

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number 6 icon

Tracking your freight and more

boxes stacked on a freight pallet with shipping icons above it
boxes stacked on a freight pallet with shipping icons above it

What freight services are available?

LTL services for the U.S., Canada and Mexico

Domestic 1-, 2- and 3-day express services

International 1–5 day express services

Expedited and specialized freight shipping

Air freight forwarding

Ocean freight forwarding

All freight services

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FedEx Freight employee and a man with shipment boxes and a FedEx Freight truck in the background

How to pack freight

Have questions about recommended boxes, dimensions or pallet requirements? Looking to make sure your freight shipments arrive safely? Find packaging tips and instructions for packing and shipping large items.

FedEx Freight employee pulling a freight dolly with shipment packages and a man  in the background

How to schedule a freight pickup

We know dropping off heavy items is just not convenient. Schedule an easy pickup that fits your timing needs. We have experts that can help. Get step-by-step instructions for scheduling LTL and FedEx Express Freight pickups.

Images of two FedEx Freight shipment boxes on pallets

Get flat-rate freight shipping with no classification**

The FedEx Freight® box is an easy way to send shipments under 1,200 lbs. There’s no need to classify your shipments, and you get predictable pricing, easy packing and added security.

Need help with freight shipping but don't have a sales representative?

Fill out a request form and a FedEx sales consultant will call you in 1–2 business days.

Fill out a request form and a
FedEx sales consultant will call you
in 1–2 business days.

*Applies to FXF 1000 and FXF 501 Base Rates customers only. All services are subject to the terms and conditions of the FXF 100 Series Rules Tariff. The 60% discount applies to eligible FedEx Freight Priority and FedEx Freight Economy shipments within the contiguous U.S., shipments between the U.S. and Canada, and also includes shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico for the U.S. portion of the move. FedEx shipping discounts are off standard list rates and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Discounts are exclusive of any FedEx surcharges, premiums, minimums, accessorial charges or special handling fees. Customers with current pricing and/or non-U.S., non-Canada-based billing addresses are not eligible for the 60% discount.

**Flat rates based on zone pricing. Find rates and zone information. Rates are subject to the General Rate Increase (GRI), and all accessorial charges in the FedEx Freight 100 Rules Tariff will apply. Exception: Item 404 (absolute minimum charge) will not apply as the FedEx Freight box is not discountable. Pricing is subject to the standard FedEx Freight 100 fuel surcharge. Use of the FedEx Freight box will supersede any negotiated pricing. Maximum liability is $7.50 per lb. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico are not covered by FedEx Freight box rates. Hazardous materials are prohibited. Maximum weight allowed for each freight box is 1,200 lbs.