Introducing the FedEx® Flat File Reporting Tool, Version 4.5

The FedEx Flat File Reporting Tool is a helpful client-based software application that lets you view and organize your FedEx® Billing Online data using reports customized to your particular needs. What’s more, it can even help increase your bottom line by reducing administrative costs.

This powerful, convenient, and easy to use application allows you to create customized reports for FedEx Ground and FedEx Express. And since it’s client-based and stores your data locally on a SQL database, your storage capacity is up to you. Plus, you aren’t required to be online to use the tool — but when you are, the application keeps itself up-to-date by inviting you to download software updates, ensuring you’ll always have the most up-to-date version with the most recent and most useful features.


With everything it has to offer, you’ll know the FedEx Flat File Reporting Tool was created with you and your needs in mind.


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Features and Benefits


  • More efficient. You’ll be able to easily allocate your costs, bill customers more quickly, and may reduce your overall administrative costs.
  • Customizable.
  • Easy to use.


  • Import data files from FedEx Billing Online and store them locally on your PC.
  • Build reports based on parameters you choose.
  • Save or print reports in a variety of formats including Comma Separated Value (CSV), Grouped Microsoft Excel and Flat Microsoft Excel Formats.
  • Build a large history of data over time or keep your data store small depending on your needs. Archiving functions make this task very easy.
  • Export data from your application's internal database based on parameters you choose such as date range, account number, invoice number, or service.