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Who can register for online access?

  Any customer with a FedEx account number

Track the status of your invoices, dispute charges, download your invoice data, and create payment instructions over the Internet. Sign up now and experience the easiest way to manage your FedEx invoices.

What are the benefits?

  Easily view and manage invoice details
  Download your invoice data for printing or analysis
  Manage several accounts under a single user ID


How does FedEx Billing Online work?

Small and medium businesses can benefit from the free, fast, and easy FedEx Billing Online for all invoicing and remittance needs. Right from you can manage your FedEx Express invoices. We use SSL encryption.

  • View invoices and shipment detail
  • Create dynamic remittances for offline payment
  • Easily dispute shipment charges
  • Download invoices as PDF, XML, XLS, or CSV
  • Flexible account management

Frequently Asked Questions

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