eShipping tools

Web-based shipping
No installation required
Allows you to ship and track online at any time from any computer
Ship up to 25 packages in a shipment
Features and Quick Demonstration


Details & System Requirements
Software-based shipping
Software installation required
Support more sophisticated shipping needs
Ship up to 999 packages in a shipment
Features and Quick Demonstration
  • Installation
  • Set your preferences
  • Create air waybills and commercial
    invoices for product shipments
  • Request e-mail notification
  • Prepare Export documents
  • Save your work-in-progress
Download demonstration 
Details & System Requirements

  • FedEx Ship Manager at - Shipping Administration
    FedEx Ship Manager is an online shipping administration application at It allows you to monitor closely your worldwide shipping activity, and gives you more flexibility as well as greater control over tracking your shipments.

  • FedEx Compatible Solutions Program
    FedEx Compatible Solutions Program is designed to meet sophisticated shipping needs by offering more advanced features on your computer. Click here to find out how you can radically streamline the shipping process and electronically manage your shipments.