FedEx International Air Waybill

  • FedEx Australia International Air Waybill

FedEx International Air Waybill

Use FedEx International Air Waybill for shipping express package services including FedEx International Priority®, FedEx International Economy®* and FedEx International First®*. When completing a FedEx International Air Waybill please type or print clearly, pressing hard with a ball-point pen and complete in English.

* Applies to selected markets

  • Sender Information on FedEx International Air Waybill

1. Sender Information

Add your address details, phone and FedEx account number.

Your Internal Billing Reference

To help with your records, use this optional area for your internal shipping numbers or codes. We'll print the first 24 characters on your invoice.

  • Recipient on FedEx International Air Waybill

2. Recipient

For reliable delivery, full and clear details are imperative.

  • Shipment Information on FedEx International Air Waybill

3. Shipment Information

Commodity Description: Be specific and detailed. List each commodity separately. Use the Commercial Invoice for any description details that don't fit on the air waybill.

Total Value for Customs: Enter the selling price or fair market value (even if not sold or for resale) of your shipment contents. It must agree with the number on your Commercial Invoice.

Total declared value for Carriage: Must not exceed the "Total Value for Customs" amount.

  • Express Package Services on FedEx International Air Waybill

4. Express Package Services

Indicate your choice of service. If no service is marked, we will send your shipment via FedEx International Priority.

  • Packaging on FedEx International Air Waybill

5. Packaging

Indicate your choice of packaging.

  • Special Handling on FedEx International Air Waybill

6. Special Handling

Check the box for required special handling instructions.

  • Payment on FedEx International Air Waybill

7. Payment

a. Bill Transportation Charges
Select a method of payment and provide the appropriate FedEx Express account number or credit card number. If recipient or third party fails to pay transportation charges, the sender is responsible for payment.

b. Bill Duties and Taxes
Any international shipment can be subject to duties and taxes at destination. If the shipper fails to indicate on the Air Waybill the payer of duties and taxes, the consignee will automatically be billed for such charges. If the consignee or any third party indicated by the shipper on the Air Waybill to pay the duties and taxes fails to do so, the shipper is responsible for payment.

  • Required Signature on FedEx International Air Waybill

8. Required Signature

Finally sign the Air Waybill, remove the sender's copy and place the remaining copies with your shipment.