Prepare thoroughly. Commit totally. Deliver.

We win as a team, we lose as a team and we’re up at the crack of dawn as a team. That’s the only way we’ll be the best. World-class performances and the biggest prizes in the sport don’t come without sacrifice, without commitment. As the saying goes, if it doesn’t hurt, you’re not trying hard enough. And I’ve got 21 other guys who won’t let me forget it. Of course I want to win. But when there’s 22 of you, that desire is in the air, every second of every day. Because no matter how punishing the training, we all know how good it feels to be winners.

FedEx and Rugby

At FedEx we understand the sort of commitment that goes into the delivery of a world-class performance, because we do it everyday for businesses around the world. And it’s this synergy that makes us so proud to be one of the pillars on which the ERC rely when serving up world-class entertainment, globally. As the Official Carrier, we play a key role in managing all ERC and Heineken Cup deliveries across Europe. Our involvement gives people the chance to be a part of the whole, exciting rugby experience.

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The Heineken Cup

Launched in 1995 to provide a new level of professional, cross-border competition in European rugby, the Heineken Cup has a huge following, which is getting bigger every year. It is one of the most prestigious competitions in world rugby, spanning regional and provincial teams from the six competing countries in Europe.

The 2013/2014 season reaches its climax on the weekend of the 24th May 2014. Cardiff, Wales will host European rugby's showpiece weekend for a record seventh time when the Millennium Stadium stages the Heineken Cup final.

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Test your Rugby knowledge

Focus: As of 2007 what is the fourth and final step in correct scrum procedure, Crouch, Touch, Pause and what?

a) Embrace b) Engage c) Enrage


Preparation: At what height is the cross bar on a regulation sized rugby post?

a) 1m b) 3m c) 5m


Commitment: What is the standard size rugby ball played throughout the world in senior matches?

a) 3 b) 4 c) 5


Dedication: In a scrum, what term is used for the left hand positions?

a) Loose head b) Tight head c) No head


Focus b)

Preparation b)

Commitment c)

Dedication a) L = left and Tight = right

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