Third Party Consignee Option

Third Party Consignee Option

The FedEx Third Party Consignee option is a value-added service that allows you to supply goods without commercial invoices being attached, thus enabling you not to reveal their commercial value to your end consignees.

Service benefits for you

  • Improved business cycle - goods can be shipped directly to the end customer avoiding going through a local importer.
  • Extra destination handling and warehousing costs are reduced significantly.
  • Customs duties and taxes are based on customs value for the importer, not selling value to the consignee, thus reducing your costs.


You can ship Third Party Consignee to and from all these countries except for intra European Union transactions:






The Americas

Austria Latvia Australia Canada
Belgium Lithuania China USA
Czech Republic Luxembourg Hong Kong  
Denmark Netherlands Indonesia  
Estonia Norway Japan  
Finland Poland Korea  
France Spain Malaysia  
Germany Sweden New Zealand  
Hungary Switzerland Singapore  
Ireland United Kingdom Taiwan  
Italy   Thailand  









A flat surcharge of €10,00 per shipment is added to the normal transportation charge.

Want to ship Third Party Consignee?

To start using Third Party Consignee, contact your Account Executive or Customer Service.

(1)Please contact Customer Service for details or restrictions per country.