B-Free Technology Ltd.

Established in 2012, B-Free Technology Ltd is engaged in the R&D of patented innovative stair-climbing power wheelchair, The B-Free Chair.

  • B-Free Technology Ltd.

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Mr. Alan Lee, Inventor of B-Free Chair has engaged in product design and machine design more than 25 years of experience. In 2011, he learned the story of a disabled youngster who caged himself in his own house for 8 years. What kept him away from the wonderful world outside were the 5 stairs at the lobby of his building. Alan’s passion was ignited instantly and he decided to do something that can help the disabled to regain mobility, overcome obstacles, and to live in a world with no barriers.

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In April 2015, our innovative and groundbreaking B-Free chair was greatly admired with multiple prestigious awards at the Exhibition of Inventions Geneva and was famed in Europe with wide media coverage. B-Free chair is proud to have exceeded global expectations and have the realistic potential to become popular around the globe. Seeing the need of such equipment for the disabled, Alan is seeking for capital and has diligently to R&D further to develop another new generation, The B-Free Ranger.