The FedEx home of UEFA Europa League

  • The FedEx home of UEFA Europa League

Football returns: Bring it on!

The UEFA Europa League is back! It’s our second year as Main Sponsor and we are excited by this year's qualified teams. Football giants including Manchester United FC, FC Internazionale Milano and Villarreal CF line up against equally mighty challengers from across Europe in a quest for glory.

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Football returns: Bring it on!

The UEFA Europa League - one of the world’s greatest sporting tournaments - is the perfect partner for FedEx. Local passion matches up with European ambition: dedicated teams working together to achieve the highest goals. That’s what matters to millions of football fans - and to FedEx too.

So sign up now for updates and you won’t miss any of the exciting competitions, quizzes and updates from FedEx for the 2016/17 UEFA Europa League!

  • Football returns: Bring it on!
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  • NEW: FedEx Performance Zone

NEW: FedEx Performance Zone

Love European football? Need a statistical fix? Get in the zone!

Our new online FedEx Performance Zone is a dedicated new section that tracks and ranks the performance of your heroes in the UEFA Europa League 2016/17.

It’s just perfect for fans who eat, sleep and breathe the beautiful game and shows how every player is performing game-by-game throughout the tournament.

So if you reckon you know your Kuyts from your Kokorins, or if you simply want to see who’s top of the shots, click here or head over to and check it out.

Last Season's tournament on camera

The pride. The passion. The electric atmosphere. During our first year as Main Sponsor, we proudly shared it all with our customers and employees as they joined excited fans in stadiums across Europe on the road to the thrilling 2015/16 Final in Basel. Hundreds of young dreams came true as children of FedEx team members and from charities and community groups took centre stage as Player Escorts – and who could forget our lucky courier who delivered the UEL trophy to the St.Jakob-Park Stadium - an unforgettable thrill of a lifetime!

We’ve got a video packed with FedEx highlights from our first year as Main Sponsor.

Check it out.


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