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Whether your business is importing or exporting, whether your shipments are needed next day or are less urgent, whether you ship small parcels or heavy pallets, FedEx has solutions for you.

In this download centre you will find detailed information on our tools and services as well as other useful materials about shipping. All resources on the download centre; such as leaflets, user manuals, service guides, tariffs, forms, etc are available in a downloadable (PDF) format.

To view the documents on your computer, you must have a PDF reader program installed. If you do not already have such a program, click here to download the free Acrobat Reader software.

Note: These tariffs are only applicable to country Non account holders. Account holders can contact their Territory Managers for tariff rates.

Note: Import tariffs are for customers who have registered for the FedEx Import service only. For other customers, an export rate based on the origin country will apply on inbound shipments to the destination country. To find out if you are eligible for FedEx Import please contact FedEx Customer Service.

Corporate Reports

At FedEx, we are committed to full transparency and sound corporate governance. We frequently distribute related company information to ensure all our stakeholders are fully informed and knowledgeable.

FedEx Corporate Brochure

Download the FedEx corporate brochure to learn more about what FedEx is delivering today.

FedEx Annual Report

Download the latest FedEx Annual Report and find out how our momentum is positioning FedEx to achieve strong earnings.

FedEx Global Citizenship Report

Read about how FedEx is committed to sustainably connecting the world, and enhancing the long-term value of the company for our shareholders and for the communities and businesses that rely on our services.

Access Now Magazine

Access Review, a free annual business magazine published by FedEx, explores the powerful, positive megatrend of Access through a variety of individual, social, economic and global lenses.

Diverse Appeal

Learn more about FedEx and its commitment to diversity in the Diverse Appeal on our global website.

SRI Research Reports

As part of our commitment to help others achieve what is possible through greater Access, FedEx commissioned the independent, nonprofit research firm SRI International to study and measure Access around the world. Please see the Access reports listed below: